Hung Like a Hamster

Our guest columnist, on this, the third anniversary of Our Glorious Ascension Above the Timestamp, is “Samantha Jake”.

Dwarf hamsters
learn about these beautiful ‘pocket pets’

I know you love them, now learn more about them

  • The different hamster species and the characteristics and typical behaviors of each — so you’ll know right away which type of hamster is right for you!
  • A quick and easy way to tell the sex of a hamster — you’ll be amazed at how easy this is to do when you follow this simple tip!
  • The right type of diet to start your baby hamster out on — not doing this can cause digestive and nutritional problems later in life!
  • A full chapter on how to select the right hamster for your home — including a complete checklist of things to look for when choosing a hamster!

But How Can You Know if a Dwarf Hamster is Really the Right Pet for You?

A few reasons why:

  • They are a good size to hold in your hand
  • They are easy to train and tame
  • When they are tamed and trained, they like to be held
  • They are much prettier than other rodent pets such as mice
The Essential Guide to Dwarf Hamsters [via email]

Tuesday Joyride! [The Crumbling Remains of the Cynics Party/Wayback Machine, 5/20/2008]


What about them being quick to cook and bite-sized?

Toss a couple into the blender, add yogurt and ice for a delicious hamster smoothie.

RE: CP Wayback Machine – En Fuego!

Most traumatic moment of my childhood: Step 1: Pet hamsters gerbils have babies. Step 2: Hamsters Gerbils eat babies. The end.

Add: I think they were gerbils, not hamsters. Still.

@Dave H: Or add two scoops of hamster to an ice cold glass of root beer for a delicious hamster float.

Breaking: Randy Macho Man Savage – is dead.

per Sirius XM Liquid Metal . . .

TMZ is reporting that former WWF World Champion Macho Man Randy Savage is dead. Savage, real name Randall Mario Poffo, suffered a heart attack . . .

@redmanlaw: Was he the dude who showed up on the Daily Show a few times?

@FlyingChainSaw: Two words:

Hamster Ceveche

Nothing like raw hamster cured in lime juice.

@mellbell: Ah. I’m thinking of — Google Google Google — Mick Foley.

@nojo: Has your little head always been in that photo?


@Yo! JNOV Raps!: No, that’s fresh. After adding Everybody Draw Mohammed last year, I figured I’d better keep the gag running.

Not that I was planning on another anniversary post, but all the Stinque accounts got spammed with that email a few days ago, so I ran with it.

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