Waiting for the Flood Waters to Subside

And now, your moment of unintentional journalistic levity, courtesy of the New York Times front page this morning:


If someone knocks on the door to deliver a Candygram, don’t answer.

T/J and Stinque Esq alert: Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq — yes, her — has moved to intervene in a case I’m involved in re the Feds’ power to regulate new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps she, an alleged dentist, is confused about what kind of drilling is at issue.


This is wonderful news… Taitz’s participation in the case pretty much garantees an outcome that provides the Feds with all neccesary authority to regulate any and all aspects of oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

I just hope that if I ever go to court for a speeding ticket, Taitz is representing the Government.

@Dodger: Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Make sure to forward any especially ranty and crazee-pants briefs on to Your Stinque Action News Team. This could be fun.

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