Let’s Starve the Little Bastards

Okay, fine, let’s click the link

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing to eliminate the “white potato” — defined as any variety but the sweet potato — from federally subsidized school breakfasts and to limit them sharply at lunch…

The proposed change is part of a push to make school meals healthier, with more nutrient-rich vegetables and fewer French fries. Under the USDA proposal, school cafeterias would have to limit starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, peas and lima beans to a total of one cup per week for lunch.

In case you’re wondering, there’s a “Minnesota Area II Potato Growers Research and Promotion Council”, so it makes sense for Bachmann to join the Spud Fight. And somebody from her state leads the National Potato Council.

But her angle? The Feds regulate school lunches because the Feds subsidize school lunches. So her argument must be that the subsidies are unconstitutional, and that kids would be better off with a starvation diet.

And farmers would be better off without that guaranteed market. Say, what other unconstitutional subsidies do they benefit from?

But let’s give her credit. She spelled “potatoes” right.


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Maybe I really should look into sponsorship for the waterboarding posts.

The Obama administration is trying to “eliminate the white potato”.

Oh, come on. Do they have to make it so easy for the RedState crowd?

@nojo: Clearly Karen Finley’s behind this.

This twenty-year-old reference brought to you by Old Farts®! What can Brown do for you?

@Nojo: Channeling Reagan, is she? You say “potato”, I say “catsup”


Disable Javascript and the paywall vanishes. Best quote from the article:

The researchers concluded that it was not possible for the church, or for anyone, to identify abusive priests in advance. Priests who abused minors have no particular “psychological characteristics,” “developmental histories” or mood disorders that distinguished them from priests who had not abused, the researchers found.

If the church still thinks that the scandal was about first-time abusers, they need to get a tow truck to pull their heads out of their asses; the whole reason people were pissed was pretty clearly the whole, “Oh, you’ve been touching the boys? Off to another parish for YOU!” hush-up routine they ran for decades.

TJ/Yo, Benedick, do you have that picture OG Cheyanne Jackson handy? I need to show the boys.

How lucky I am and was, that I was raised by my maternal grandmother and her youngest child, and how lucky I am that my husband of now 44 years, who is afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, still enjoys my company, as I do his, and how lucky I am that yesterday i made a bus pilgrimage to Rose Hill Cemetery—it’s too early–only the very first peonies have opened yet.

@Lynn: Hey you lucky doll – why are you up so early (or late) where you are? Isn’t it 4 am for you?

@lynnlightfoot: Peonies, that only comround once a year! Miss it, at your periol/

@al2o3cr: w00t! Ruby and NoScript to the rescue! I vaguely remember you guys kicking around how weak the paywall is, but I had no idea.

@lynnlightfoot: Peonies make me smile.

When my great grandmother’s family moved from PA to NJ, my GGM took a peonie (<– there's no singular for that? Firefox doesn't like it.), anyyywaay, my GGM took a root/bulb/whatever it is with her. This was in the 1920s or so. My mother was raised by her GM and grew up with the peonie, and when my GGM became ill, the plant moved with her to one of my great aunt's homes where it remained for another 25 years. It stayed there until my great aunt died in the early '90s. My mother moved the peonie to her (my mother's) yard, and it was like, "I'm too tired to bloom," so there was no peonie action for a long time. Then I moved it within my mother's yard, and there it blooms (when it wants to). So beautiful. It puts the roses to shame.

ADD: I’m still smiling despite it all. Thank you, Lynn.

@¡JNOV’s Hat Is a BIG FUCKING DEAL!: Peony. Or, if you’re English and/or affected, paeonia. I have hundreds of them coming into bud. When we bought the house there were a lot of the old-fashioned mauve ones and I’ve planted a lot of others including three or four Circus Maximus. They are very beautiful and can be fragrant. Plus, for a flower that looks so exotic they can be surprisingly tough. I had a glorious tulip season cut short by all the fucking rain. Next up are poppies, blooming at the correct time this year not three weeks early.

@lynnlightfoot: The peonies at White Flower Farm are something to see come June.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Hundreds? Oh! So sweet!

@Dodgerblue: Right? Ugh. The one priest I knew who was active the civil rights mvmnt (arrested and all that shit), left the priesthood, married a nun, and ended up teaching philosophy. Good guy.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Haha! Affected. Yes! When I was in Kenya for a wedding, many of the bride’s and groom’s families (of Indian descent), studied abroad (like boarding school on Lake Geneva Abroad). In short order I had this Indian-English affected accent that was most pronounced when I said “Thank you.” It would come out of my mouth and I’d think, “Whoa. Who said that?”

@JNOV iz teh drunk off her azz: Thenk yah. Hah friffly kahnd!

As to the peonies, yes, I am one lucky lime-juicer. Downside? You wanna come do the weeding? Cuz I ain’t. But I just found the ending of my musical theatre story (involves a ballon, fireworks, cannons) and humbled Les Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, aka Les Franch. I am so impressed with me I couldn’t produce a fart if you begged me! Uh huh! Oh yeah!

@Benedick HRH KFC: The “you” was more like “yoooooo” but with your chin extended some and your lips pursed. It was this kinda lilting and gentle English accent. Pretty melodic. After a few days, I was code switching like a mofo. “Yup! I belong here cuz I tawk like youse!”

Here we go with the FRANCH again. Ballon, fireworks, cannons? You storming the Bastille? I know a song about that.

Have some spotted dick.

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