Cat Splatter Fever

Whitehouse Post is a special-effects shop that would like your business, if your business has a need for digital simulations of shit blowing up.

If not, please enjoy this head-asploding demo reel on the house.

[via Nerdist]

Unrelated, but one of my wiseass comments actually got noticed over on Delong’s blog:

I’d like to thank all of Stinque for being such fine role-models of snark. :)

A friend of mine used to say that, if your cat had opposable thumbs, they’d change the locks and you’d be on the street.

@ManchuCandidate: Ding, ding, ding!
/cash falls from ceiling

I like Mystical Cat much better. (I’m kinda distressed that I’m starting to like talking animals. I guess it all started with Babe.)

Annyyywaaaaay, loved the special effects in Metropolis Restored, hate that Goebbels liked it, too. I understand why Lang was not too thrilled with it after it was finished and why he left his asshole wife.

Then I watched M. Very good. I think these are the first two movies I’ve seen that were made before the fucking movie rating “system,” or whatever it is, and it shows. Metropolis is the first silent movie I’ve seen, but is it really silent? I liked the music and the eye make-up on the dudes, and Brigitte Helm was fucking awesome.

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