The Scourge of Drugs

A West Virginia man found wearing women’s underwear and standing over a neighbor’s goat’s carcass told police he was high on “bath salts” when he stabbed the animal to death.  The grandmother of the 4-year-old owner of the pygmy goat found 19-year-old Mark Thompson in his bedroom wearing a bra and panties, and standing over the goat’s body and a porn magazine. He was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.



I had to ask too. “Bath salts” are a new cocaine/meth-like drug that’s technically still legal, although not for much longer.

You really should have posted the arrest picture. The guy’s a poster-boy for Why Not To Do Drugs.

@IanJ: I decided against using the mug shot because it was too early on the Left Coast to expose us to the newest addition to Faces of Meth.

@SanFranLefty: tennessee just outlawed bath salts as well. in the same legislative session, they also lowered the penalties for cock fighting and corporate insurance fraud. fortunately though they refused to allow guns on college campuses for at least another year anyway.

seriously though pill mills in tennessee and florida are the scourge of the south now and something must be done fast. addicts are falling out all over the place and home invasions by junkies looking for pills are very rampant in rural and somewhat disadvantaged urban areas now. check this documentary out:
is the pill problem that bad out west?

@SanFranLefty: No complaints here. Even in that getup, David Duchovny is totally dreamy.

@jwmcsame: Yeah, ain’t got enough pills–that’s the problem.

@¡Andrew!: i never enjoyed a pill buzz. however, until i embarked on my recent (4 weeks come this sunday) sobriety and fitness binge i always suffered from ever declining stocks of beer, whiskey, marihooch, and kobe cane.

@jwmcsame: Feel free to send any extra Percocet, Lorcet or Meprozine my way.

Seriously, who’s a guy gotta suck to get some liquid morphine gel caps around here?

@¡Andrew!: here in tennessee all you need is some humans mri evidencing alleged pain in some body part, $200 cover charge for the pain clinic, and some one who can drive to the pharmacy and back with out wrecking or getting pulled over too many times. tenncare will pick up the pharmacy tab if you’re on SSI or have proof of some kinda disability. if you can’t do all that, then home invasion is the next best route. avoid south knoxville though. the residents there are damn near undefeated against the home invaders. it takes seal team six to steal their pills.

In happy animal news, scared and smoky but alive dog found in the debris of a four-alarm fire that destroyed a SRO hotel and adjacent buildings at 7th and Folsom.

(Never fear, HomoFascist and rptrcub, the leather bars across the street on Folsom were unscathed).

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