Bush Iconography At A Glance

Your 9/11 memories may vary.

Bush feels Obama ignoring ex-president’s role in Osama Bin Laden strike for ‘victory lap’: source [NY Daily News]

my favorite w moment not involving thrown shoes:
peter sellers as clousseau couldn’t have done it better

for w greatest audio hits:

I think the Daily News might be trying to create drama where there is none.

Per Gray Lady:

Mr. Obama invited former President George W. Bush to join him at ground zero, but Mr. Bush declined. A spokesman for the former president said he appreciated the invitation but wanted to stick to his policy of staying out of the public spotlight since he left office.

For Mr. Bush, ground zero was the site of one of the iconic moments of his presidency. Days after the World Trade Center towers collapsed, he traveled to the smoldering wreckage to thank the rescue workers, delivering his speech through a firefighter’s bullhorn.

The White House was quick to say it took no offense at Mr. Bush’s decision not to attend, saying that Mr. Bush was invited in the spirit of unity that Mr. Obama said he hoped would prevail in the wake of Bin Laden’s killing, just as it prevailed after the killings perpetrated by Bin Laden nearly a decade ago.

@SanFranLefty: I thought they leaned just a tad blue. It’s not Rupert’s Post we’re talking about here.

I simply love that first one.

You can just hear his pants filling with shit.

By me it was his duty to go. I find it very second-rate.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I think it’s exactly what we should expect from a fourth-rate human being.

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