Eight Years Ago Today …

And he will never be held accountable:


I’m still waiting for Kissinger’s war crimes trial.

@Dodgerblue: He will die comfortable in his bed, as most war criminals do. Heck – we’re paying for their health care!

Gaaah Preznit Bunnypants and that fucking sign still piss me off.

OT/ Canada City Election
We are through the looking glass as the national polling has taken on a Queen of Hearts insanity. None of the polls make any sense from where I sit. Up down all around. Only polls that matter are the ones that open tomorrow.

Spent the weekend volunteering for the local Librul Candidate (first time doing this) and not bad–there is virtually zero NDP presence so I doubt the orange wave will happen here. I did my bit in part because I went to high skule with the local Tory candidate (so it’s personal –to know him is to, well, loathe him) and I’d rather not see PM Blimpie (who I loathe even more than I loathed Mulrooney–that’s saying a lot) win.

I honestly don’t know. I wish I could say yes, but I do know the majority he wants is pretty much dead. He isn’t going to win the Ontario and Quebec ridings he needs to win. Probably a minority, but how much of one remains to be seen.

The one thing for certain is that the Bloc Quebecois is pretty much dead so there will only be three parties in parliament.

If the NDP and Libs make a deal, they can take Harper down in a non confidence vote when parliament meets again and form the next gubbiment but again, that remains to be seen.

He’s an irrelevance.

But I just saw The Fighter. OMFG!!! Why did nobody tell me? It’s magnificent. Just about the best American film I’ve seen in years. It uses those American themes of family, struggle, second chances, underdogness, love and takes them into grand opera. Wonderful acting in the great American tradition. Sandy would have been proud. Wahlberg is stunning. As is Bale (I think he might be the best actor in the movies right now) and Amy Adams (like Nicole Kidman with real talent). If you haven’t seen it and have been put off by the Sport aspect (embarrassed to be raising hand) trust me, it’s brilliant. As ever, the Oscars prove they know nothing about movies. Wahlberg is the performance of the past five years. This is a boxing movie as done by Verdi. Epic.

And how grand to see American working class people treated with dignity and respect. To see their lives honored and their struggles confronted with some honesty. Yes it’s about uplift but catapulted way beyond cliche. Very moving.

I give it three damp knickers.

Just saw on Book of Faces that “POTUS to address the nation tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern Time.”

Anybody know what’s up?

Sorry, Benedick, but for the best American film in years, consider Restrepo. And for the best Brit, American: The Bill Hicks Story.

Fact over fiction. Time to live in reality.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Just tuning in. Twitter gossip says Osama has met the virgins.

“My Fellow Americans, I apologize to Donald Trump.”

They’re late.

Time changed to 10:45 pm eastern.

UPDATE: Rumor is US has Bin Laden and he’s dead.

“My Fellow Americans, Joe Biden and I are resigning. Please join me in welcoming President Boehner.”

Wolf knows, but he’s being coy; his remarks suggest it is Osama.

Can’t wait to see Fox spin this one.

Wolf: Now 10:50-ish. Illuminati being told first.

WH FB page is amusing to watch the livestream because it’s got running commentary by the prols.

ADD: Pushed back to 10:50.

The WH is giving everyone time to make popcorn.

MSNBC reporting Bin Laden dead as a result of “US action,” by US military personnel.

Now witness the end of an age
Hope dies in hands of believers
Who seek the truth in the liar’s eyes

Take hold of my hand
For you are no longer alone
Walk with me in hell


@RevZafod: Haven’t seen that yet. It’s on my streaming list. I am suspicious but will watch it openly. As for me, fiction always trumps fact. I’m rejoicing to see that we haven’t forgotten entirely how to tell stories. This is a better film than On the Waterfront and with better performances. (And less of the collapse of morals, but that’s a different story)

But PS. DO NOT WATCH the special features. It’s actors talking about ‘process’. Sandy would not be proud. Any actor who needs to walk about a set pretending they are in fact the ‘character’ is a fool. But that’s OK. Most actors are fools, particularly in H’wood. Wahlberg’s achievement is even more impressive.

Did they use Remington as a model for the look of the boxing? Allow me to believe they did.

Can Christian Bale sing?

@mellbell: That’s more declaiming on pitch but who cares? Works for me. Plus he can dance. Granted the ography is dreadful but again, who cares? Plus, how do we spell ‘Happy Villagers’? (why are those boys singing and dancing? did anyone stop to think?) This is what gives musicals a bad name.

Next question is: who’s his agent? And if anyone tells me Ari Emmanuel I’ll just walk in front of the next truck.

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