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A Stinque World Exclusive

I looked in the dictionary for for the definition of “privileged, clueless, douchebag” and found the following picture:

And oh yes…

…did I mention that it was a convertible, to boot:


Stay classy scummy rich people (not all of them are horrible people.) Remember, we might be fat poor dipshits to you, but not all of us are clueless or want to be you.

@mellbell: Is the car an Alpina? BMWs made for the US generally have a badge on the back showing the model, e.g. M3, and this car does not. I’ve seen a couple of unbadged Alpinas around LA ( you see everything here — I saw a Ford GT40 on the freeway yesterday), so it may be that this goofball bought his Beemer in Germany and had it shipped here, adding to the general douchebaggery.

@Dodgerblue: That is almost certainly the 3.3 liter, making it a 330Ci. And does anyone remember this douche’s license plate.

Photo was taken in Maryland. I’m pretty sure it was a Maryland plate.

@Dodgerblue: Dunno – maybe he’s got the 3.1 liter and removed the badge due to anxiety about the size.

@blogenfreude: I saw a Ford GT on the freeway this AM. If God drove a car, this is what He would drive.

@Dodgerblue: Classic blue w/ the white stripe?

And I thought I’d gone nuts a couple weeks ago – looked out the window at work and saw a red Ferrari F40 on a flatbed headed east on 30th. Talk about rare …

Well, a while back I saw a Bimmer (M3 if I recall right) with the word LOADED on the tag.

An Illinois “America Remembers” plate. Verily: NEVER FORGET.

Your move.

(Also: the grey Merc with the GBMVPX3 Wisconsin plate. Driven by Farve, natch. Those were the days.)

@blogenfreude: Yep. The driver gunned it to get across a couple of lanes of traffic and make his offramp. Like angels singing.

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