How the Queen Rolls

And believe it or not, it’s not in Rolls.

My interest in the Royal Wedding is limited, so of course I wanted a car or cooking angle. Elizabeth II rides around in a heavily-modified Bentley, the donor chassis probably related to a Bentley Arnage. HRH likes a royal purple exterior and cloth seats, so that’s what the car has. Note also the high roofline and large windows – the Queen is an expensive indulgence, so the Brits should be able to see her as she passes by.  More on the car here.


Does her coat of arms on the roof light up when in service?

@texrednface: Probably … the car is an expensive indulgence, but the royals will use it for 25 years before replacing.

Darling, it’s a Rolls Bentley. It can’t be purple, sweety, surely it’s maroon? Purple is dead common. Unless you’re the pope – and then you have other problems involving Prada and slippers. Ken Adam, designer of Bond films, had the classiest car I ever saw; a Silver Wraith coupé, flannel grey with a thin pencil line of maroon down its side. That was class. These clowns don’t know shit from shineola. Look at the fucking hubcaps. Jersey Shore meets Knightsbridge.

These people are the Bushes writ large. They are no better. Most are worse. If you think dubya’s dumb, catch Charles’s thoughts. They are the scum of the earth. They are the untaxed church of the UK. The corporate welfare state.

@texrednface: As HRH leaves Buckingham palace (stolen from duke of B by a grateful monarch) the flag is lowered. I mean, it is co-ordinated to where the Rolls-Bentley is on its way to the gates. I was showing some Dutch friends around and we were at that ghastly fountain thing when I saw the flag coming down and dragged them over to the gates. As they opened, Brenda (her real life name) did the wave and they were thrilled to have seen HRH and I wanted to throw rocks at the car.

These evil fucking bastards seduce us with these weddings and funerals. Who gives a fuck what anyone wears? They’re all cunts.

The point of that car is to demonstrate to the world that the UK is not broke.

Considering the advanced age of the Prince Consort ,are cloth seats really such a good idea?

@Benedick HRH KFC: Is Charles still nattering about architecture? Or was that an Eighties thing?

@Benedick HRH KFC: BMW bought Rolls in ’98 (and VW Bentley) so there’s a chance this car has a bit of Roller DNA.

@Benedick HRH KFC:
The Queen’s name is Brenda?

My initial reaction when I saw Beatrice and Eugenie: I thought I was watching local news and these were some chicks going to a Royal Wedding watch party in a sports bar in Waco.
I blame “the Firm”. Why couldn’t the Queen have rounded up the country cousins and paid for some good designer duds? I am reminded of the Hilfiger Family. or this could be Fergie pay back?. The girls are right behind her Royalness through the wedding.

@texrednface: She’s Brenda, he’s Keith: according to Private Eye.

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