Trump Campaign Bankrupts Trump TV Show

Speaking of disproven conspiracy theories, the notion that Donald Trump is just drumming up publicity for his reality show isn’t bearing fruit:

But while Trump has gotten plenty of airtime by suggesting, wrongly, that the president was not born in the United States, Nielsen ratings for “Celebrity Apprentice” are lower than they were a year ago — and dropping fast.

What? How could the pop-culture milestone of a Busey-Meatloaf Standoff be failing?

One reason Trump’s audience is abandoning him may be that, according to demographic research of primetime television viewers provided exclusively to The Atlantic by National Media Inc., a firm that places political ads on television, the audience for “Celebrity Apprentice” is among the most liberal in primetime television… Rather than add viewers, Trump foolishly appears to be driving them away.

In related news, the collective taste of liberals sucks.

Trump’s Birther Antics Are Driving Away His Liberal Audience [Atlantic]

Agreed on the bad cultural taste of libruls.

Seriously, how the fuck did that happen?

These are the liberals who fund Palin. The Americans for Growth liberals.

I’m a liberal and I have good taste. All my shirts are from Banana Republic.

Hilarious turn in Canada City Election.
Harper over estimated LW apathy and unintended consequences of beating Mike Iggy with the US America stick. The very socialist NDP might be the official opposition (major gains in Quebec as vote distrust of libruls, inept Bloc campaign and public disclosure of Harper scams) after this election or the gubbiment as no one wants to vote Librul, but hate Harper.

No more yabbering about Wingnut majority. Sure it might be the NDP, but I can live with it more than PM Moobs.

@ManchuCandidate: Hope the NDPers chew Harperbot 3000’s balls off.

Go team Layton!

@¡Andrew! / ManchuCandidate: Roger that.

Given the amount of Hockey Sport I have consumed in the last three weeks, I’ve picked up a bunch of Canada Votes Again in passing. Before the election, everybody thought that Jack Layton was going to lose seats. But they then realized that Blimpie’s mean, Iggy is more boring than Al Gore, and Gilles Duceppe just won’t go away until he is forced to go.

I may be reading this wrong, but I think Jack’s hit on a great strategy — act like a normal human being. Novel.

BTW: Epic takedown of Trump on Larry O’Donnell’s show. Basically he called out NBC execs to fork over all info regarding The Donald’s actual plans. Vigorously.

It was manufactured rage in the grand tradition of Keef, but it had the added twist of biting the hand that writes his checks. Which may in and of itself be a calculated move to boost his own ratings (telling truth no matter who it hurts yadda yadda yadda). But it makes for great teevee.

Liberal hipsters are watching it ironically, obvs.

@chicago bureau:

Iggy didn’t run an awful campaign like Dion did 3 years ago–considering how boring he can be–it was actually a solid campaign. Problem is that it’s hard to gain any traction when the Cons pounded it into everyone’s head he’s a US American.

PM Moobs ran some really awful commercials in the beginning. Then flubbed the Debate (even Iggy made him look bad but Layton did the best). Then the bitching and playing the refs over chickenshit. Bitching about Librul “thuggery” over election signs (I live in the riding where it was happening and most of the vandalism was on Librul signs) when his own people were playing election thugs (attacking university students who were voting early) kinda blew up in his face. He’s still in the “lead” but considering how fucked/biased (favoring RW) the polling is, I don’t know who’s in the lead.

Awesome! Planned Parenthood and gheyz all together in the same billboard to better make wingnut heads asplode.

And why won’t my effing screen name update?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: You can fit into Banana Republic shirts? You must be slender as Óðinn’s Reed as it bends before the storm.

@Snorri Haraldsson Uterus: I wasn’t going to say anything, but thank you for this opportunity to beat up on Catt mention that Banana has an, um, larger people section now.

@JNOV is like,:
Busey was fired the week before LaToya Jackson was fired last week. Jose Conseco quit before he got fired because the men’s team kept making him dress in womenz clothing. Without Busey it won’t be fun anymore. I really thought he and Marlie Matlin would duke it out in the end. It’s up for grabs with Meatloaf and the guy that never takes off that stupid cowboy hat. Star Jonez is a bitch and may come out the winner. She last week she declared the two people who most influenced her were Johnny Cochran and Barbara Walters. The BW thing might keep her on. LaToya was fired even though Star fuckrd up the assignment. So Unfair. It’s an NBC thing. These are the celebrated ones!

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I had my wallet stolen in a dressing room at Banana Republic. As a result, I couldn’t afford the pants.

@texrednface: Wait. Crazy ass Starrrr Jonez (she still married to that dude?) and even crazier LaToya outlasted Crasy ass Busey? Meatloaf better win. His name is Robert Paulson!

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Ugh. I finally gave my Banana clothes to the thrift store. And then I lost weight. O_o

I should have called a spoiler alert sorry if anyone taped episodes for later.
@JNOV is with Busey:
Starr is not married to that dude anymore, they split the sheets because he’s gay. or so I’m told. Meatloaf has a good chance if he keeps his anger in check.
Marlie(and her- ever- present- long- time- companion- that- guy -that- does the -signing) is the only sane one on there. I really think she will win.

Fun Fact: Meatloaf’s daughter Pearl is married to guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax.

Anthrax, “Antisocial”

Scotty is the bald guy with the beard.

@texrednface: Marlie is damn smart. Meatloaf is, too. Starrr-Imma-lawyer-diet-and-exercise-I-mean-gastric-bypass-lying-ass-Jonez needs to go the way of Omarosa.

@redmanlaw: LOVE!

ETA: I thought they were all bald guys with beards.

@redmanlaw: Oh, I might have to break up with him. Did he get a perm? WTF? And why is he making that Billy Idol face? Oh, Dave! PUT DOWN THE FLYING V! You’re middle-aged now.

ETA: BANGS?!??! That’s SO metal!

@redmanlaw: Okay — maybe he just washed his hair. It’s got a wave to it, but still. He’s looking pretty styled…

@redmanlaw: Oh! Apparently he’s balding! Yay! Bald is better than bangs!

@JNOV is with Busey: The top and front looks different from the sides.

Just saw the ‘interview’ with John King. OMFG. He makes Rudi look like Mr. Adorable.

@Benedick HRH KFC:
did you EVER?
i’m on my way to computer store and dentist.
kill me.

@baked: The new iMac is about to be released. Just saying.

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