Here, Let Me Stroke This For You

Lori Montgomery in the Washington Post business section this morning:

The three Republican congressmen saw it as a rare ray of sunshine in Washington’s stormy budget battle: an invitation from the White House to hear President Obama lay out his ideas for taming the national debt.

They expected a peace offering, a gesture of goodwill aimed at smoothing a path toward compromise. But soon after taking their seats at George Washington University on Wednesday, they found themselves under fire for plotting “a fundamentally different America” from the one most Americans know and love.

“What came to my mind was: Why did he invite us?” Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) said in an interview Thursday. “It’s just a wasted opportunity.”

The situation was all the more perplexing because Obama has to work with these guys…

Speaking of perplexing, we hope Ms. Montgomery saved a receipt for the three bottles of hand lotion she used in researching this story.

Oh, wait, it gets better:

Still, Republicans said, did Obama have to attack the men to their faces? “Reagan had the decency to insult his enemies when he was out of town,” grumbled one GOP aide.

Like, say, Berlin.

Obama address was surprise attack, GOP lawmakers say [WaPo]

Because after all, accusing somebody of being a communist, being a socialist, being a sekrit Mooslem, not being an American, wanting to kill grandma, wanting to get rid of Jeebus, etc etc etc is totally OK. But accurately stating the documented results of Republicans in power – OMG, what an attack!

@al2o3cr: And y’know, it’s fair enough to report the GOP spin as such. But to approach it as an empathetic human-interest story is simply astonishing.

Full disclosure, repeated from earlier: I was born yesterday. Also, I am adorable.

Nov 9, 2019

Hey Stinque Team,

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I noticed on your website that you’ve talked about Dutch and his role in bringing down Communism here, so I assume you’re still interested in his history, and what better time to re-address his life than the day the Berlin Wall fell — November 9, 1989.

We recently published Ronald Reagan Quotes: Inspirational Quotes from the Iconic American President Ronald Reagan detailing some of the more pithy quips of the man who defeated Communism.

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If you don’t have time then no worries! We still look forward to hearing back from you.

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