Good Morning! Good Morning! Sunbeams Will Soon Smile Through! Good Morning! Good Morning! To You!

Wonderfully Creepy Sculptures Carved From Bananas [Laughing Squid]

OMG!!! what have you done that requires this smokescreen? Or are you gravelled for matter? Never mind, a day in which Republicans have to rest from wreaking havoc, well, that’s always a good day.

Paging baked:
Is that some type of bong in the background?

@lynnlightfoot: Yes, when I go off-topic, usually that means I can’t find anything on-topic to play with.

That doesn’t necessarily mean everybody’s being nice boys and girls out there, but that my squelch is set too high to care.

Chase sagði, “Það er ekki mér. Það er mér, en * það * er ekki mér. Sá sem gerði þetta gerði hana mikið. miklu minni.”

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