More Than You Wanted to Know About Blake Farenthold

Let’s get this over with…

Multiple-chin enthusiast Blake Farenthold defeated 28-year congressgritter Solomon Ortiz last fall in the Texas 27th. But not before Ortiz made merry with a photo of Farenthold in his jammies with Corpus Christi’s “Crush Girls”, who describe themselves as “ambassadors to the community [who] actively contribute as volunteers for nonprofit/charitable activities and events.”

The San Antonio Express-News called the play last October:

Ortiz told the Brownsville Herald that Farenthold had opened himself up to ridicule “by posing with semi-nude women… at an S&M party.”

The party was held at a local bar and hosted by Tellie Willingham, a local businessman who says he was raising funds for charity. Tony Martinez, owner of, said he is preparing a lawsuit alleging Ortiz defamed the pictured young women.

“He slandered us, period,” Martinez said. “That girl’s been brought to tears. If he thinks he’s getting away with this, he’s wrong.”

An enterprising prankster quickly set up, which asked the eternal question, “A GOP candidate in a scandal or a failing Democrat incumbent swirling around the bowl?”

Turns out Ortiz didn’t get away with it. As the PJ site reports, Farenthold supporters spent the rest of the campaign Waving the Bloody Jammies, and a potential embarrassment turned into a rallying cry.

And, since you asked, Wikipedia answers: “Farenthold lives with his wife Debbie and two daughters Morgan and Amanda in Corpus Christi.”


Many a GOP pol has demonstrated that the existence of a wife and kids is no indication of heterosexuality, I would add that in his case they don’t prove that he’s not a repressed virgin who’s scared of the lady-bits and thus feels the need to go after Planned Parenthood.

What is with the neofascists and the weird costumes – like O’Donnell and the lady bug outfit she wears to costume parties to chase guys.

@SanFranLefty: MS. Lefty, WEEEEEP
Sissy apparently endorsed her step-Grandson blake. World’s going to hell in a handbasket.


I can’t believe I made myself look again. Okay, that doesn’t look like a onesie, but still. Maybe I’ll be able to read the alt text at some point. I’m even to freaked to read the article. Jaysus.

@Benedick is not as stupid as he looks.: And you wouldn’t be able to extricate your fist. That giant sucking sound? It’s not NAFTA. It’s all the detritus sucked into his navel.

@texrednface: Fucking A. I’m speechless beyond saying “Fucking A” over and over again.

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