Blame Me! Blame Me!


Fuck you Sarah. Just fuck. You.

@rptrcub: And to answer Rachel’s question, Demrats don’t fear their base because the Demrat base isn’t batshit crazy.

Not long now until you are just a memory Sarah… not long at all…

By this time next year she’ll be running around teabagger rallies selling unwashed panties for $10 a pop or $1 a sniff.

@FlyingChainSaw: Sarah Palin is above all that.

She’ll make Bristol do it instead.

Talk about petty. Bristol has been getting all the attention all this week. Not flattering attention…but attention. So Moms got to say waht evah pops in her head.I had already forgotten about Bristol and sarah goes and has to open her big tweet.

@nojo: Yeah, they are. It’s just that they’re usually too high to do anything and are not armed.

What is this twit trying to say? I can’t read a coherent thought in this tweet.

After a self-imposed, hockey-induced exile (plus a needed break after the Wiscocentric overload) it looks like we are back at it with…

DEVELOPING HARD: entire city’s vote not counted in Supreme Court race, with the totes predictable result of Kloppenburg FAIL. The county clerk’s presser was just painful to watch.

@chicago bureau: I just threw up a quick and dirty about five minutes ago.

Because everyone knows that cutting spending and returning to the gold standard will pull us out of recession.

Obama: No deal, still talking. Buckle up!

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