The Mayans Were Right


I guess if you want to curse your kid associated to a life of grifting and mockery and have people question not only your intelligence, sanity and parenting skillz… sure.

No. Anybody likely to name their kid that is just as likely to name her Dagny… ;)

I suppose it’s better than Jazmynn or some other fucked-up-ness.

Miss Bristol–an illiterate, 20 year-old, otherwise unemployed product of Wasilla’s finest high school drop-out factory–just cleared more in one year than I have in the last five altogether. And I type that as I’m desperately searching the sofa cushions to round up my pennies to pay spring quarter tuition at my nationally-ranked MBA program.

You bitter? Yep, bit him, too.

Why not name your baby Palin? Everything those stupid freaks touch turns to golden shit.

@¡Andrew!: She cleared more in one year than I have in my entire lifetime, and that’s counting, like, ten years’ worth of allowance on top of actual wages.

Nozmo King I sooner would my baby name.

@mellbell: I’m in an Econ class this quarter, and I wanna use peeps like the Palins–who actually degrade society in addition to adding zero benefits–as Exhibit A about how this whole “capital flows towards its most useful purpose” theory is utter bullshit.

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