A Crowd in the Face

“Once something is online, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to delete. So tweaking one’s online reputation usually boils down to gaming the search engines.” [NYT]

Also useful: Having a name so ridiculously common that it’s shared by a wacky Senator from Utah.


I suggest adding CA or California to your name anytime it’s mentioned. Utah is the polar opposite of your state (except for Orange County, natch).

@blogenfreude: Too late.

And no, limiting it to city won’t work either. I grew up counting my clones in the Eugene phone book each year.

But this is not a problem. If anything, it’s very liberating.

I have a doppelganger who’s blond, adorable, and lives in New Orleans. Not that I’m jealous or anything.

My doppelganger works in the same company as I do.

@ManchuCandidate: Mine is the nature photographer I’d like to be.

TJ/ Okay, chilluns. Too much streaming on my part, so I’ll see you in about a month unless I figure something else out (I’ve got about 7 MBs left). Will lurk from work. I would hit my library, but it closes at 6 pm, not open on weekends — it’s a sad state of affairs for all the kids in my city.


@flippin eck: My former vet treated a bull dog with the same name as mine.

T/J: Holy crap, Lefty, how can we beat you when Kuroda throws Burroughs a belt-high fastball down the middle?

@Dodgerblue: Early in the season, I can’t get worked up. I’m verklempt about Stanford wimmenz losing to fucking Aggies and UConn about to lose to the Catholics.

My clones are largely Commonwealth types of all persuasions — Limey professors, Scot amateur football players, Aussie cops. I found one a while back — a Canuck — who was into rally car racing and electronics, a sort of near-alternate dimension, more polite, version of myself.

There’s lots of guys out on the FaceSpaces with my exact name, mostly in England. There’s this one turbo-hawt firefighter in Atlanta–I already informed Mr. ¡A! that it wouldn’t really be cheating.

There is no one in the US with my name. Our family name comes from a secret ingredient in Branston Pickle long since discontinued. I am so doomed.

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