An Important Discussion About the Obama Administration and the War Powers Act in the Wake of Liby— Wait, What’s This?

We’re very late to this one — we caught the echo, not the original event — but if we didn’t formally document the existence of Penis Gummies, we would just feel bad about ourself.

Oh. Bubba and Talibunny. Right. Well, Penis Gummies are in the news because Katie and Suri sampled them at Serendipity 3, a swanky Manhattan joint that features a $25,000 edible-gold sundae. And, looking at its photo page, it seems the proprietor likes to pose with fashionable politicos.

So there.

No, you’re right, we’re not being totally honest with you. The photos are legit, but the real reason we’re bothering to include Bubba and Talibunny is that we’re too chickenshit to run a product shot of Penis Gummies all by themselves. We have to wake up to this site too, y’know.

Katie Holmes “Horrified” by Suri Penis Gummies Incident [Us]

If only they had a vegetarian version.

Serendipity is still in business? Jesus. I worked as a waiter there when I was at drama school. It was one of the few places that sold Haagen Daz ice cream including my favorite flavor, boysenberry sorbet.

I’m told that Suri bought the gummies for her dad. I have no way of knowing if that’s true.

without a doubt, the creepiest thing I have ever seen. this is not an april fools joke you have been warned. Obey the Walrus

Obey the walrus, known in Spanish as “Obedece la Morsa”, is a video that was allegedly created by a Latin American cult known as “La Morsa” (The Walrus) and it is said that “bad things” happen after watching the video.

The “woman” featured in the video is actually old footage of an American Tranny born as Johnnie Baima who later obtained the “stage” name of Sandie Crisp, he is more popularly known by the nickname “Goddess Bunny”.

The Goddess Bunny obtained his “figure” when he contracted polio as a child.

The Goddess Bunny has nothing to do with the cult of La Morsa, it is simply archived footage of him that has been edited and spread on the internet along with the stories of it being haunted for the sole purpose of making you -blam!- bricks

@Capt Howdy:

oh lordy

The Goddess Bunny, or Sandie Crisp as s/he is known, is one of the more disturbing non-pornographic video stars on the internets, because he looks like a mix between a holocaust victim and Britney Spears due to being stricken by polio as a child. Sandie became a minor internet celebrity by appearing in this video and the band Punk Bunny’s video Water Sports. More notable was her appearance in Marilyn Manson’s Dope Show video, as an object of sexual affection for Manson and crew. Sandie also appeared in a Carrie Fisher movie called “Hollywood Vice Squad”.

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Dragon Age 2 fan whinges about not having wimmins they like

Choice quote, from amidst the BAAAAAWWW:

The romance options, Isabella and Merrill, were clearly designed for the straight male gamers in mind. Unfortunately, those choices are what one would call “exotic” choices.

I’m not sure exactly what this twit is on about, but all I could figure is that he must be pissed there’s not a vanilla “helpless-life-support-system-for-giant-balloon-tits” character…

@al2o3cr: For some reason, I’m now thinking of South Park’s take on the Heavy Metal movie.

@al2o3cr: Plus, no hot man-on-male elf sex scene this time out. I was traumatized.

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