Michele Bachmann Unveils Her New Truth-in-Advertising Campaign

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Update: Bonus Backstab!

Ron Carey, a former Minnesota party chair who quit as her chief of staff last summer, says he will not support Bachmann despite their long friendship. “I agree with Michele Bachmann 99% of the time on policy issues,” he says. “But just like Dorothy, I’ve been to Oz and I’ve looked behind the curtain.”

The Minnesota Clipper [Time, via Political Wire]

if she is looking for a job I guess she has an opportunity in Kenya

My friend Bob sent me this from Florida. This was the lead letter in Letters to the Editor, Fort Myers News- Press March 31, 2011.

Don’t care much about history,
dates and facts and accuracy,
unlike Gingrich, John and Giuliani,
don’t know much about adultery.

But if we could prove our president
was never really a resident,
what a wonderful world this would be.

Don’t know much about geography
nor where Concord should really be,
don’t know much about economy
“Trickle Down” is my philosophy.

But if everyone could live tax free,
own a gun to guard their liberty,
what a wonderful world this would be.

Don’t know much about geography,
just a little more than Huckabee,
won’t be inviting Newt to tea,
nor Tim or Ron or Mitt Romney.

But if Sarah and I could be
next year’s ticket for the GOP,
what a wonderful world this could be.


@Dave H:

not so sure about the adultery part.

@Capt Howdy: A guy gets punched in the nuts? That’s it?

/back to reading about unemployment insurance tax requirements for employers


thats it. pure awsum. Saints Row in a three seconds.

and if you read the comments I think the peanut gallery agrees. hardly a discouraging word. except this one:

“I am disappoint”

which I honestly think we can cull

@Capt Howdy:
update. already discussions on including this:

“I am disappoint”

in the game somehow.

@Capt Howdy:

You may want the original:


BTW, I think the nut-punching should be an achievement – maybe “Ow, My BALLS!” if you go through the whole game and punch everyone in the nuts…

@Capt Howdy: Saving on unemployment insurance taxes by becoming a reimbursable basis employer is a huge pain in the ass and actually ties up funds in bonds and requires quarterly prepayments.

tj/ The BBC hangs out with the Libyan rebels. Looks like the Michigan Milita could beat them, maybe even Benedick with a Sten gun and a chorus of boy dancers in gold jockstraps.


@redmanlaw: Years ago I learned that as a Small Businessperson, I’m totally fucked by paperwork if I ever hire somebody. So I simply avoid gigs that would require it.

From: Simon Dempsey
Date: Thursday 31 March 2011 12.37pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: No Subject

Did you draw Justin Biebers face on all the images in my stock images folder and save them over my files?

@Dave H: Thanks for sharing. I love it!

(I too wonder about how accurate the adultery bit is. She’s pretty wild and woolly in every other respect, why not in her sexual behavior as well?)

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