Belabored Answers to Stupid Statements

The problem with American political discourse today — well, one of them — is that it’s easy to say something mind-blowingly stupid, and hard to find the will to spend the next hour taking it down. Take this example from America’s Favorite Frothy Mixture of Lube and Fecal Matter:

The reason social security is in big trouble is we don’t have enough workers to support the retirees. Well, a third of all the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion, because one in three pregnancies end in abortion.

In a just world, Brian Williams would post that quote on screen, and the nation would join him in a hearty round of laughter, no explanation needed. In fact, a regular segment on Self-Evidently Idiotic Things Said By National Politicians could even save the network newscasts from their inexorable ratings decline.

Short of that, (1) There isn’t a problem with Social Security, and (2) Any forecast shortfalls in coming decades could substantially be solved by raising the ridiculously small $106,800 limit on taxable income — a limit that, by a nutty coincidence, congresscritters ($174,000) benefit from.

We’re also unsure where Former Senator Byproduct Of Anal Sex thinks those Aborted Young Americans would find the money to pay off the Fogeys, since his party has been doing everything it can to promote Downward Mobility the past thirty years. (Not that the Other Party has done much to resist, but that’s another story.) Another generation of this, and we’ll be catching up with Dickens.

Now see, right there we’ve had to research two facts, while implicitly promising we could back up the other assertions if challenged — and we haven’t even dealt with the inherent stupidity of the remark that caught our attention in the first place. Sometimes we wish we could just do this with Withering Stares.

Santorum blames abortion for Social Security woes [Salon]

Yes Rick, because all of those fetuses would have grown up in loving homes whose parents would have raised them “right” and all would have gone on to Hahvahd Bidniz Skule.

Couldn’t we just throw things at him instead?

Speaking of throwing, you know what I hate? I hate it in Angry Birds when you do like an awesome throw and you clear out all the pigs, even the Newt pig, with your first bird and just because you don’t score quite as high on account of not smashing as much glass you don’t get three stars. I hate that. I think it’s so unfair.

@ManchuCandidate: Or they would have grown up to be fodder for the war effort. U.S. Army – now 30% larger!

So here I am drinking some good coffee, freshly ground and made strong and aromatic in a glass jug over which one pours boiling water, no cooking or plastic parts to fuck it up, thank you very much, and I came across this which has scared the bejeesus out of me. Now, allowing for certain issues regarding tone the writer has some interesting things to say. And so do some of the commenters. I know, you’re thinking, “Like why should I read what some loser asshole with nothing better to do posts on some doofus web site?” and I’m with you. What next? Canadian cuisine? But take a look. The piece is about the popularity of the Left Behind series of ‘books’ some of which I’ve read. But it seems to tie into the current discussion of public displays of stupidity and how to react to them.

The best answer so far, apart from liquor and/or drugs, seems to be – Iceland.

@Benedick honey badger doesn’t care.:
I read that when he published it. I can relate with a lot of what he writes being a tinted country goober who was infected with the ways of the big evil city and larning. Joe was right about one thing, education is the key to everything.

The problem has always been how do you open a mind that’s sealed shut?

I’m starting to think Iceland isn’t such a bad place either.

Sorry to hear that Joe died.

@ManchuCandidate: I didn’t know of him before. He’s got a kind of Lewis Black thing going on. But he makes some very good points.

True. More blood for the Fatherland/Freedumbs.

It would more end up badly like we saw with those scumbags of “Team Kill” notoriety.

Or this shining moment of “Librulism” good intentions/desperation gone horribly wrong:,000

@Benedick honey badger doesn’t care.:
He did.

I “found” him when I was winding my way reading through a lot of anti-war sites. He was one of the saner voices and I guess we shared a similar background (country goobers) and lacked the city slicker smugness that make a lot of “librul” MSM types fucking annoying (although now I realize that many of the “librul” types whose columns I read were not really librul and they should be treated with scorn.)

One of the things he urged was an affirmative action plan for poor whites in terms of education. I don’t think it was because he was doing it out of racism but to acknowledge the fact that they always got the short end of the stick. I don’t know how well that would have worked, but an affirmative action program for the disadvantaged (regardless of race) might be better.

It makes some kind of sense to me because despite my parents being landed immigrants, I had a much easier time of it than most–my parents were both highly educated and my dad ended up in well paying profession that allowed my mom to stay at home and they had enough money to send my sister and I to the top schools in Canada City–while many smart kids (all races) didn’t have those opportunities (and nearly piss away) that I did.

I think the shortest response to ol’ Frothy Mix would be the same as everybody should be hollering at Boner and friends:

WHERE (would be / are) THE JOBS?

@Benedick honey badger doesn’t care.: I hate – or just get bored – when Angry Birds actually exceeds my ability to knock all the pigs and their pig stays down. Which is usually in about five minutes.

Speaking of eyeFads, I have mine loaded up with archival Bob Dylan at Newport festival footage, some J Mascis video clips and “Man On Wire” for the first leg of my long journey home. A coupla e-books as well in case I get distracted.

why are we still talking about abortion? is it a 70’s nostalgia thing like my lava lamp?
@ manchu: good question. “how do you open a mind that’s sealed shut” jaws of life? not showing up for thanksgiving?
i’m hopping around posts–have we covered “squirmish?” i laughed for 10 full minutes. sarah, plain and dumb, will drag me out of my depression. a little Orly chaser and i’ll be good to go.

next post…nevermind.

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