Hail to the Chief Mouseketeer

As you may have heard, The Preznit of These United States addressed Our Exceptional Nation on a matter of Grave Importance last night.

Or, if you live on the Left Coast, yesterday afternoon. 4:30 Pacific, to be precise.

How Gravely Important was the matter that The Preznit couldn’t wait for an entire time zone to get home from work?

But the Administration also recognized that some networks, like ABC, had important priorities of their own: the programs they had scheduled for prime time Monday — like “Dancing with the Stars,” the second most-watched show on television.

Proving once again that you might be The Leader of the Free World, you might hold the fate of dictators in your hands, you might even call a better bracket than most of the country, but you do not fuck with Disney.

Before Libya, White House Must Negotiate With ABC [NYT — Try the Paywall!]

We watched the speech which was persuasive if you’re inclined to be persuaded. The comparison with Kosovo was most telling.

There would be much more support for this action if we weren’t still being faced to deal with the Iraq invasion and occupation. So yet again Preznit Bunnypants fucks everything up.

Obama has dropped the verbal tic of adding an almost unvoiced yee-oh (you know) every couple of sentences. Sounding much more professional.

I could envision Obama’s ratings falling because he committed the unpardonable sin of preempting DWTS. Those fans have their priorities, after all.

@Nabisco: Now you know Matthew Broderick, er, Ralph Macchio will do that crane move at the end to take it all. Sand the floor!

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