Modern Education

CA principal selling 350 pair shoe collection to save teaching jobs:

This is what teabagging results in, folks.


@SanFranLefty: Wait. Those are all hers? See any sling-back peep-toe black matte Louboutins?

Ewww. I don’t want shoes that have seen good times.

@JNOV: If I were a cross-dresser with money I would totally buy a pair. Probably Manolos, but what do I know from shoes?

@blogenfreude: A friend laughed at me the first time I tried (and failed) to pronounce Manolo Blahnik. He thought it was adorable that I knew nothing about such things.

I guess admin *is* overpaid. ;-)

@mellbell: I can’t pronounce most words; I blame my accent, and leave it at that. ;-)

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