A Libyan woman burst into a Tripoli hotel filled with foreign journalists, saying she had escaped from where she had been tortured by Kaddhafi’s soldiers for more than two days. Security and hotel staff tussled with her and reporters for more than an hour, before she was ultimately dragged away and put in a car. The British reporter from the Financial Times (the man in the light blue oxford shirt who is seen trying to protect her and who attempted to get between her and the car) was deported after the incident, according to the New York Times. She told the reporters her name is Eman al-Obeidy, showed them bruises on her face and body, scratches on her body, rope burns at her ankles and wrists, and blood on her inner thighs, and said that more than 15 soldiers had raped her, and urinated and defecated on her. A spokesperson for the Libyan government initially said al-Obeidy was drunk and mentally ill, and that she is back in jail.

[ MSNBC Flash video not available. ]

UPDATE: More details and raw video from the NYT reporter at the scene. UK’s Channel 4 coverage. Video from Reuters of the spokesman saying “she was drunk” and being mocked by reporters after the jump.

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So fucked up. I think I just have to adopt the Karen Marie posture on this one.

Back to the bracket for a few hours. Butler is giving Florida a run in the first half.

@libertarian tool: I’m addressing the mold issue that is rapidly developing in my house due to the deluge we’ve been experiencing the past three weeks in SF. I’m hoping the bleach fumes will numb me a little, because after watching this video and the one on the NYT website, I was literally shaking. Ergo, I wanted to share it so we could all shake together.

@SanFranLefty: Can I recommend some Kentucky bourbon as a substitute? Not for the mold, but for the numbing part. It’s better for you. [How often does one, in good conscience, get to say the shots of Jack are the healthy alternative?]

@libertarian tool: Vodka might work for both the numbing qualities and the mold abatement.

@libertarian tool: No!

@SanFranLefty: Oy vey iz mir. Rent an industrial dehumidifier? Expensive now, but should pay off later.

@SanFranLefty: Vodka cures EVERYTHING! Wish I had some…

@libertarian tool: Can I recommend Rand Paul as comic relief? ;-P

Damn, Butler! That’s some fucking heart!

Can we do women’s basketball next year? In addition to.

@JNOV: We already own two dehumidifiers. One runs 24/7 in our closet during rainy season after last year’s experience, and the other one runs during the day. Our electrical bill is up from running them, and we dump out several cups of water a day when it’s raining, so the mold is nowhere near as bad as last year.

Ugh. I’m really sorry. I’m talking about the hulking one that runs a tube into your sink. Might need it in the short term. :-(

I hereby give Butler the go ahead to kill my brackets. Do it, Butler!

Made the mistake of reading some (non-moderated) comments on MSM coverage of this woman. According to a significant percentage of these commenters, this woman was a propaganda plant by the Obama Administration to gain support for invading Libya and the Secret-Mooslem’s way of assisting the al-Qaeda led rebels.

We are so fucking doomed. The stoopid, it burns.

@SanFranLefty: I will never read comments on a site other than Stinque, DU, or Jesus’ General again. Ever. I learned from that flame war on the AZ New (hah!) Republic. I hate to shut myself off that way, but I’d rather not stroke out or break shit.

This incident is merely a preview of what is coming here in US Amurka.

Have you kids tried Izze soda? It’s really delicious, especially with gin! My favorite is the Sparkling Clementine.

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