Double Your Humiliation!

So, how’s your bracket doing?

Ohhhhhhhh. We’re soooooo sorry.

Actually, no. See, we copped Nate Silver’s bracket, and Yahoo tells us we’re doing better than 97 percent of losers. But not as well as Libertarian Tool, who copped Our Preznit’s bracket, and is claiming the title of Most Resented Bracketeer.

(Please note: Showing humility doesn’t work. That just makes the rest of us hate you even more.)

Anyway, now that it’s been publicly proven that you suck, Bracket Queen Mellbell has graciously provided you the opportunity to suck again — with the Stinque Losers Braquet!

Just drop by Yahoo Sports and sign your doom thusly:

Group ID: 6376
Password: eventhelosers

You have until — well, shit, we dunno. We’re just in it for the sadism.


YAY! When does it close?



Since the brackets have been going bad, anybody wanna start a pool on which conservative talking head insists this leak is an “isolated incident”, just like ALL THE OTHER ONES?

@al2o3cr: What does Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, Paul Krauthammer, John McCain Joe Lieberman have to say? He’s always reliable.

I’ll thank you to not associate me with the Tool. Gotta run. Hillz is on the line. I need her to explain to me again why I don’t need Congress to authorize bombing Libya.

Speaking of humiliation while totally respecting women and the rule of law here’s a prime example out of Madison.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: You totally need to get in this Sport bracket. I bet you’d win it.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: This is what comes of judges being elected rather than appointed — you end up with a judiciary full of asshats.

You know, the best feature of March Madness is trash talk. I wonder if Hillary filled out Barak’s bracket for him.

Fucking Longhorns. Fucking refs at Longhorns game.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.:

WTF is up with conservatives not being able to just *apologize* when they’ve been asshats? Here we’ve got a fine example of the “I’m sorry I did that, but it was totally your fault” apology, the less popular alternative to “I’m sorry you’re mad” that’s seen everywhere.

@al2o3cr: You’d be shocked as shit to see our exchange — or maybe not.

Derp — talking about the tone-deaf Rep. outta Florida. I should go to bed.

@JNOV: Wait, there’s more back and forth?

Even though I probably stood a good chance of doing decently with the brackets since I know absolutely nothing about any of the teams, I’m so glad I didn’t participate! I’d like to think I have a fairly healthy sense of self-worth, but I have to admit I’d be crushed if I were to visit my favorite blog only to see my name plastered at the top as “______DAY’S LOSER.”

@SanFranLefty: Yeah — did you get three emails?

ADD: Forwarding my last one now.

I need some food. Mooning the supermoon is tiring.

@flippin eck: Well, Jamie is losing only because she appears to have flaked out halfway through filling out the bracket so by definition she’s losing. Holding aside her incomplete entry, the entrant who I believe to be al2o3cr (aka Leyland’s Left Nut) is now losing.

Ironically, our favorite ghey boy HomoFascist is in second place, giving Barack Obama a run for his money. At this point, HF has the highest potential final score, with Nabisco not far behind.

@SanFranLefty: Jamie has washed out, and will no longer be Publicly Shamed. At least for the original bracket.

And Flippin will soon learn How Not to Be Seen.

@SanFranLefty: At this point, HF has the highest potential final score, with Nabisco not far behind.

Stop your snickering. When I checked yahell this morning, I found two golden trophies on my virtual ‘shelf’, then remembered that I won the re-set bracket two years running. I may just stick with my original bracket, and go for the gold.

@nojo: Heh heh heh. She’s going to have to go out to Sandy Eggo and hit you on the head with one of your Birks for you doing that.

@nojo: “How Not to Be Seen.”


‘night, all.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Wisconsin appears to be coming altogether unglued. (It’s childish of me to say this, but what can you expect when there’s a judge named Patience Roggensack.)

@SanFranLefty: @Nabisco: Bow down bitches. Jock straps for everyone…

@lynnlightfoot: Sounds like a children’s book about Little Patience and her lesbian moms.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Roggensack makes me think of teabagging and jockstraps, but maybe that’s just me.

@SanFranLefty: It seems to me to have Scandinavian/Little House on the Prairie overtones which is why I went with Birkenstock-wearing lesbians making their own bread while Patience and her little brother Juan learn about tolerance and multi-culturalism from a wise old owl who lives in a tree at the bottom of their garden somewhere in Detroit.

@nojo: Gee, thanks Noje…super fun to see that first thing on a Monday morning.

Add: Here’s what it did to my morale today.

@SanFranLefty: I also played the Night Watchman in “Lock Up Your Daughters”. Nine o’clock on a fine summer’s night, and allllll’s welllllll…

@nojo: I was in the chorus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. That was the beginning and end of my musical career.

I can’t remember a single musical being staged at my elementary, junior high, or high school. Sure, there were choirs who sang numbers from musicals, but a full-length, costumed and staged musical? Nada. What sort of godforsaken U.S. public school education did I get, anyway??

@flippin eck: I got lucky — well-funded district during the years I passed through it. I got snookered into doing a girls hoops poster for my high school a couple years back, and learned that everybody has to raise their own money now. Sure, I had sold my share of candy bars, but that was for special trips.

And the value of a good public-school education at the time? My friend who played Squeezum is now a conductor with the NY Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.

@flippin eck: Well, thanks to the budget “crisis” in the state, the school district I attended is considering going to four-day-weeks every other week and eliminating all arts programs except band (can’t eliminate them because they gotta play at halftime at the football games) and all languages except Spanish, so they’re probably not staging any full-length costumed musicals at my high school these days.

@nojo: This is making me so happy. A very good friend of mine played the chief bawd in that show when it began at the Mermaid.

Why is it that American schools never do plays? WTF is wrong with you people?

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Since we started by listening to the cast album, I probably heard her.

@nojol, Lefty, flippin’: I formed a non-profit for Son of RML’s public elementary school in the hood just so the kids would not have to sell wrapping paper and shit like that . I got us a big fat technology grant on behalf of the school right out the gate.

The principal clamped down on the corporation (no more PTA for us) because she could not control it. I left and let others run it, Son of RML went on to junior high and the organization went back to being a PTA under school control. The kids are selling candy bars again. Earlier, I got Son of RML’s Catholic school corporate sponsorships to cover the costs of their annual Mardi Gras so that they could keep everything they made from ticket sales. Their net went up 500 percent.

Correction: My Lobos play ‘Bama tonight on ESPN. The Tide are pissed because they were on the bubble but got left behind. New Mexico’s top player is out for the season with a torn ACL. (Welcome to my world, pal. You’ll love the knee surgeries and arthritis.)

One fine upright gentleman taken in for compromisin’ five nice girls… and allllll’s welllllll…

Honestly, they’d never let a public high school get away with performing that these days.

@nojo: I saw a high school production of The Laramie Project. It was very touching.

@redmanlaw: Poor NIT. I remember when it meant something.

Well, to the Ducks. Because it was all we could get.

This just in…

Gay Photography (@gayphotography) is now following your tweets (@stinque) on Twitter.

You do not follow Gay Photography.

Case closed.

@nojo: Well, I guess that answers a few lingering questions…

Help! I don’t know where or how to find my first bracket!

@Prommie: It’s here. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing it.

Nojo: Mind making the link open another tab?

@JNOV: Hold down the control key when you click on it, opens a new tab.

Okay, my brackets are in. Read ’em and weep.

Re: NIT action on ESPN – Everyone’s a Lobo, Woof Woof Woof!
23 25 Bama over UNM late in the 1st

@redmanlaw: You mean everyone’s a loosah. ;-P y :-*

@JNOV: The deadline is tomorrow at 4:15 pm EDT, but I recommend that everyone have their picks in by 4 sharp just to be safe.

@mellbell: Scratch that. It’s 7:15 pm EDT/4:15 pm PDT.

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