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Our guest columnist this morning is Molly Merrell.

Due to the inappropriate comments on this post, we will no longer be allowing comments on The Source until further notice.

My sincere apologies to those who came to this blog to actually discuss DC Comics and their books, but this back-and-forth has gotten out of control on this blog.

Posts have been — and will continue to be — deleted on both sides of this conflict. Your post may not have included any offensive words, but by continuing this dialogue, you are only escalating the problem. Therefore, any comment that is part of this back-and-forth will be deleted.

For those users who had nothing to do with this, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to make this site more hospitable to those who choose to comment properly and not take part in these offensive and inappropriate disputes.

Ms. Merrell works for DC Online, which produces the official “Source” blog for the comics publisher. The post that killed the comments asked “Who do you think is faster, SOURCE readers? Superman or Flash?”

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Bonus background research! The Superman-Flash Races [Hyperborea]


As someone who knew more than a few comic book nerds in his time… I’m not shocked nor stunned at the argument degrading into a sea of personal, racist, sexist and homophobic attacks.

I once pissed off a Flash fan during a face to face discussion of the TV show when I recounted a scene where the Flash (in his human form) was having sex with a woman and she was complaining he was too fast. I thought it was hilarious, but he did not and proceeded to try and tear me a new one. The whole argument would have been just a touch less pathetic if both of us had actually had sex with a woman… yikes.

Sheldon Cooper (from the Nerd-com The Big Bang Theory) is not atypical when it comes to comicbook fandom albeit minus the 190+ IQ.

I could understand better if the discussion was which one is gayest. In which case I’d reckon it’s most likely a draw.

oh sweet baby jesus yes!

David O. Russell to Direct Biopic of Sleaze Auteur Russ Meyer?

Russ Meyer made cheap, grimy and oddly effective movies filled with violence and astoundingly buxom women. Consequently, he was an inspiration to, possibly even a hero for, multiple generations of filmmakers, musicians and artists who worked outside the lines. He was a gold standard, really, and films like Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!; Supervixens; Up! and many more were great pictures for both exploitation fans and kids looking for some weird thrills in the days before the internet provided instant access to every possible human fantasy object. (And, yes, he directed Beyond the Valley of the Dolls from Roger Ebert’s screenplay.)

You may be familiar with Larry Niven’s 1971 essay about the problematic nature of kryptonian sex: “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.” To my knowledge, the adolescent Clark Kent / Smallville sperm swarm question raised by Niven in this essay has never been adequately addressed by DC Comics or any of the various Superman franchises.

@libertarian tool:
I’ve never read it fully before, but I would have to say that most if not all of those had been discussed.

Of course the discussions would have made more sense if the participants had sex… with other people. The fortress of solitude wasn’t just a comic book thing, it was a way of life in a lot of cases.*

*It’s not like every comic book nerd is a virgin, but jeez. I fit the stereotype at the time… short, nerdy, bespectacled, shy around females, acne, spindly armed, kinda chubby, weird (to teen standards) and braces (what homecoming queen wouldn’t fall for this stud?) At least I didn’t have issues with personal hygiene… that’s something.

@Capt Howdy: I can’t cope with this new-fangled concept of hot Limey. It just seems unnatural to me. I mean, haven’t we tried God’s patience enough? That being said, isn’t he kinda puny? I doubt he could outrun the Flash. Though he might be able to fix him a nice vegetarian dinner.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.:

have you seen 2002 The Count of Monte Cristo. he plays the illegitimate son.

I repeat. mmmmmmm.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.:
how about a Russ Meyer biopic. can you deal with that pussycat?

For those of you who don’t know already, my high school friend’s younger sister did the costumes for the last two Superman movies and the X-Man movies. The X-Man DVD has a funny shot of Hugh Jackman struggling to jump over a wall in his black leather suit before she did a redesign.

I’m kinda McBlah. Maybe I just don’t know enough. I did see BTVOTD. Not as funny as Heat. Speaking of which did I mention that Joe Dallasandro’s son was here at the house to install a heat pump? Little fucking Joe!

Another winner from Weiner:

The Republican Party, no one can say they’re not in touch. They get it. They understand where the American people are. The American people are not concerned about jobs or the economy or what’s going on around the world. They’re staring at their radios saying, “Get rid of Click and Clack.” Finally my Republican friends are doing it. Kudos to you.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Heat with Val Kilmer? We were at a thing with the Indian actor Wes Studi one time and people were coming up to him and gushing how much they loved him in Geronimo. I leaned over and told him “I like how you shot that dude in the head in Heat.”

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.:

wait, are you telling me you have never seen Faster Pussycat Kill Kill?

and you call yourself a homosexual?

@redmanlaw: Good God, no. The Paul Morrisey epic with Sylvia Miles and Joe revisiting Sunset Boulevard. Now that’s some trash.

@mellbell: I called his office to beg him to relocate here.

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Oh. Well, anyway, Shooting USA recognized Heat as having one of the top ten movie gun battles of all time.

@Capt Howdy: I never said I was a good homosexual. Not available on Netflix. But I will try to find it.


I think he means this

hey Benedict. you might like this, Beefcake
or not. I liked it a lot. its sort of a biopic of gay auteur Bob Misner and AMG. it has been described as a frothy pink milkshake of a movie. I agree.
anyway, on the DVD there are several of his short films. including Joe D.

@redmanlaw: Sounds way too professional. And I bet there weren’t any identical twin young men wearing dolly dresses and sucking lollipops while discussing fave drug combos poolside with Joe.

TJ: In other news:

Texas legislator reminds us that Republicans in his state are still bigoted dominionist assholes, just in case anybody forgot with all this Wisconsin business

What’s it about? Banning workplace discrimination for creationists, of course! Can’t protect people from discrimination for being wimmins or ghey, but we’ve got to stand up for the rights of white Evangelical lunatics or what will become of us! ;)

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Who is toaster liaison around here, anyway? But heartiest congrats. We’re all so proud of your irresistible homo powers. Will you arrange the welcome pack for dodge? A certain amount of manscaping might be required.

@Capt Howdy: I’ll watch them when I’m allowed a break. This doesn’t count.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: It gets worse. I’m going to see the Bill T. Jones dance company tonight.

@Dodgerblue: If you have strong opinions on what they’re wearing on the stage, then the work of the Stinque gheyz will be complete and Tommy and Benedick will have to move on to a new str8 guy target.

@SanFranLefty: Don’t tell me that Gretchen Whatsherface designed them.

@Nabisco: That was his Dad, I believe, featured in the song, and in the Warhol movie.

@Dodgerblue: Right – so Big Joe gave it away at least once, to create New Little Joe.

Dallasandro will always and forever be Little Joe. And yes. Everyone paid. Then he married and had a couple of sons. Also became kinda a character actor playing mafia men in movies. Also seems to have become kinda conservative. His son who was here was very happy that I recognized his name and is very proud of his dad’s career as legendary hustler and mostly naked star of trashy movies. Touching.

@Nabisco: Now if I could only remember which recent commercial remade Wild Side…

@Benedick AEA, AFTRA, SAG, DG.: Lou Reed pissed on him in the 70s, called him out for trying to get by on crappy films and trading in on the Warhol fame.

Good for the son. I watched an Actor’s Studio interview with Robert Downey Jr., and he was quite proud of his dad for making creepy “avant garde” films and turning him on to drugs and stuff at the tender age of 9 or 10. Equally touching.

@nojo: I stopped keeping track when the Kerouac estate sold Gap the rights to run the “Even Kerouac wore chinos” ad. But Bobby Zimmerman shilling for Cadillac was pretty good.

why no talk of archie, betty and veronica? reggie? jughead?
especially this monumental year when he finally chooses that raven vixen. like it was a surprise. and like we don’t know what’s really going on with reg and jugs.
i call dibbs on nojo’s toaster.

@baked: And the Stinque Grrlz say “toast, toast-toast, toast-toast, toast, toast-toast…”

@baked: You’ll have to fight that out with Benedick, he’s been working on that for years now.

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