And Then They’ll Just Pass It Again

“Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order Friday, barring the publication of a controversial new law that would sharply curtail collective bargaining for public employees… District Attorney Ismael Ozanne is seeking to block the law because he says a legislative committee violated the state’s open meetings law.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, via Political Wire]


Just because it violated the LAW. Sheesh. Next thing you’ll tell me, gubbiment is useful.


Now, I am not a lawyer, as are many of the commentariat here, but it is my understanding that the legality of the procedural move is as yet undetermined. The judge simply stayed the law until such determination is made. Given the non-partisan parliamentarian for the Wisconsin State Senate has already weighed in, I wouldn’t be betting on the complaints of a grandstanding partisan district attorney.

@libertarian tool: Correct, although the judge said the case “was likely to succeed on the merits.” I don’t think it makes any difference in the long run, but it keeps the issue on the plate for another cycle.

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