If You Lived Here, You’d Be Owned By Now

Live or Memorex?

One of my assistants on WRR has contacts in the Highway Department who are most unhappy. This is a real sign out there, more are on the way.

Live, then, until we hear otherwise. Either way, somebody’s a genius.

Wisconsin Resistance Radio [via Weigel]

Local commenters note that the foliage is too green for this time of year, so it’s probably a (pretty good) Photoshop.

/happier news/

Holy mother of #$@%??? Was I the only one who didn’t know about Knight Rider fan fic??!! Lords of Kobol save us all…

Two days later, KITT showed him a new addition to his gadgetry. He had asked for it to be fitted, though the reasons were fabricated. It was lucky that Michael had been teaching him to lie convincingly. Now, Michael took the item that KITT had requested he bring out of his bag and a flexible arm extended from under KITT’s dashboard, taking it from him.

“Will you allow me to do this, Michael?”

Michael nodded and stripped off his shirt and jeans, tossing them into the passenger seat.

Michael closed his eyes as his head fell back against the headrest, his naked skin against KITT’s leather seats.

And now that DADT is headed into history, the military has adopted the Official Homofascist Army Uniform!



Rule 34, yo. (link is to the SFW version)

See also Rule 63.

@andrew: Tan Line FAIL.

I will say that anybody who has the stones to do this, for real, shall win ALL THE POINTS.

Off topic, but, a week or so ago, I spoke of a message board I have posted on for the last 10 years, for wooden boat builders, and how that community has truly rallied around members in real need. And I mentioned a regular member of that community, a guy with an amazing life story, Vietnam, CIA, whatever.

He died last night.

@Promnight: My condolences. I’m glad he had the friendship of you and the other community members at the end.

@Mistress Cynica: Thanks. I am really hurt by this. The man’s life was a story that would do people good to know. I always hoped I could meet him someday. As I said when I first mentioned him, much of his life was spent in service to a branch of our government we don’t highly regard, and involved in actions of which we do not approve. But dammit, he was a good man.

@Promnight: Je suis tres desole, brother. He served, and gained the high regard and friendship of people like you. That is a life well lived.

@Promnight: I’m sorry you are hurting and sad for all of you who will miss his presence on the message board and elsewhere.

@chicago bureau: That’s not a fail. On our team the visible tan line is often an erotic marker. So it’s actually a plus. One thing I would say, however, is fucking FRANCH. Even their porn stars are annoying.

i am so proud to serve in THAT military. /retaining my self appointed double o status from our last battle.

i am sorry prommie….

@Promnight: Sorry to hear that, Prommie. My condolences.

Great pic! Look here for the original sign:


Took about an hour to find it using Google Maps’ street view…

This is as good as it gets.
The people of Wiscon don’t have the whool over their eyes, do they?
First, the fake palm trees as a reminder of fox noise’s lie about violence in Wisconsin (actually, Sacramento, Ca.) where somebody forgot to edit out the real palm trees in the background, now a truthful, but humorous sign.
If I didn’t like Oregon so much, I’d think about moving to Wisconsin

@willymack: If I didn’t like sunshine so much, I would have stayed in Oregon.

Sad but true. On Wisconsin! Support the workers! Wake up America!
Koch Bros. and their gang are destroying the Middle Class!

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