All Quiet on the Palouse

“The FBI has made an arrest in connection with the attempted bombing along the route of the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in downtown Spokane. An FBI source in Washington, D.C., said one man was arrested Wednesday outside a home near Colville, Stevens County… The suspect is believed to be affiliated with white supremacists, the source said.” [Seattle Times]


Obviously one of them muslim white supremacists! Am I right Peter King?

More coverage from the Spokane Spokesman-Review. The suspect lives in a trailer house surrounded by dogs–definitely a Muslim compound.


Obviously I was wrong. The bomber apparently used rat poison as a component of his bomb so anyone struck by fragments would hemorrhage. Sounds much more like a protestant christian white supremacist bomber than a muslim white supremacist bomber to me.

Since the IRA allegedly used the same technique, Peter King must support & defend such a bomber and not “morally blame” him/them for his/their actions.

Ya’ll are racist against white christian racists. You have to quit your jobs now.

If only you had to be able to spell ‘supremacist’ in order to be one. Problem solved.

BTW. Speaking of nutjobs, anyone heard of Lyndon LaRouche lately? I wound up on his site yesterday and it is astounding.

@Right Reverend Benedick: Is he still alive? Good God, he must have the same necromancer as Zha Zha Gabor.


I love learning new words.

@Capt Howdy: It’s a Pacific Northwest Thang.

Well, that and rain.

T/J: Hey RML, I was hanging out with Gerald Torres today. He’s on our Board. Cool dude.

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