That’s What You Get for Sacking Bob Edwards

The big news today seems to be James O’Keefe punking NPR. Since we haven’t listened to NPR in, oh, fifteen or twenty years, we’ll keep our indignation dry until the next Shocking Exposé. [TPM]


@Capt Howdy: I think Benedick called this weeks ago.

I should think what they’re trying to do is work out how to pay a new director since her deal is, I’m sure, very rich. What with acquiring rights, having none of the usual subsidiary rights, a huge nut, and multiple producers, they must have very little left to give anyone new. There’s no reason for her to give anything back – though I’m sure they asked – so ball’s in her court unless they can find the points (weekly percentage points assigned to various people on a weekly basis: director at least 1 1/2 rising to ? 3? Writers on a musical get 6% split 3 ways between music, lyrics and book; then there are producers and investors’ recoupment money) they need someplace else. They have over-produced themselves into a very tough place.

As Moss Hart once famously said, the only way to ever adequately punish Hitler would be to send him out of town with a musical. Or in this case, 6 months of previews. Mark my words, after Taymor the next to go will be the poor stupe playing Spidey. Then the designers.

@Right Reverend Benedick:

but how, I mean . . .

didnt she dream the whole thing up?

@Capt Howdy: About 20 miles south of me. Gonna be some very happy sea gulls and harbor seals.

/on topic/

So the dude was busted for stating that the Tea Klux Klan are deranged racists? Isn’t that like their raison d’être and stuff? And he turned down the phony donation from the flim flam con artists. Is this one of those weird non-sequitur right-wing scandals that ends with someone yelling about the version THE CONSTITUTION that exists only in their cesspool-esque pea-brains?

@¡Andrew!: Yes, but he kept silent when they went on a rant about Jews in the media, so — gotcha!

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:

From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound any more offensive than the crap that got Rick “Dirty” Sanchez fired – and that the Teahadis insisted was covered by the First Amendment. Besides, I suspect anybody who’s worked at NPR very long knows that arguing with cranks is counterproductive – smile and nod, and get them off the phone ASAP is typically the best approach.

LATE ADD: apparently the people most convinced by a fake Islamic group fabricated by right-wing loons are: RIGHT-WING LOONS What a shock!

@Capt Howdy:

Every time I read an article that has algae “consuming” all the oxygen in the water, I want to punch the author in the face. Is it really THAT hard for journalists to bother reading Wikipedia on the subject?

Kveðja, vini sem lykta! What a shocking scandal at this most venereal of news outposts! Borða meira spam.

@Capt Howdy:
howdy, my fellow tube connoisseur…you watching “shameless?”
showtime has another winner. william h. macey and joan cusack, in their best roles evah, lead the cast. it’s outrageously shameless and hilarious.
i want to marry all the writers.

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