Tractatus Charliesheenicus

2.013 This space I can imagine empty, but I cannot imagine the thing without the space.

2.024 Substance is what subsists independently of what is the case.

2.03 In a state of affairs objects fit into one another like the links of a chain.

2.05 The totality of existing states of affairs also determines which states of affairs do not exist.

3.1 In a proposition a thought finds an expression that can be perceived by the senses.

3.22 In a proposition a name is the representative of an object.

4.003 It is not surprising that the deepest problems are in fact not problems at all.

5.6 The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

6.43 The world of the happy man is a different one from that of the unhappy man.

7 What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.

The Uses of Charlie Sheen, A Wittgensteinian Investigation. [Walter Kim, via Sully]

Charlie Sheen’s insanity is a dime a dozen. Next, please!

In other news, it’s positively alpine here today. Brilliantly clear and bright, the park deep in crisped, refrozen snow which is slowly melting.

Also: The Eastern Cougar has been finally declared extinct. The catamount of the Catskills. Though our cleaning guy says he saw one at this house when he was a kid. His best friend’s aunt owned it then and he would hang out here.


Parenting Overrated

Are the long nights and financial burdens of parenting really worth the emotional benefits? New research is saying no: When confronted with the real economic costs of having children, most parents will exaggerate their happiness to validate their choice to have children.

“Many people believe that to be truly fulfilled in life, it is necessary to experience the joys of parenthood. Children are considered an essential source of happiness, satisfaction, and pride,” Richard Eibach and Steven Mock of the University of Waterloo, wrote of their study in the March 2 issue of the journal Psychological Science. “However, the idea that parenthood involves substantial emotional rewards appears to be something of a myth.”

the game franchise I am working on used Busey in their advertising in the last installment.

perhaps we will get charlie for this one.

man that game looks shitty compared to what we are doing now.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month!

everybody sing.

(Lookin’ Up My) Back Door

@Right Reverend Benedick: Do not despair of seeing a cougar in the Catskills. Eat your vegetables, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and keep on living as long as you can. There had been rumors for a long while of cougars in southern Indiana, and in the last year there have been several reports and at least one of them has been deemed (by some authority or other) definitely a cougar and definitely not one escaped from captivity. As more and more small farms cease to be farms, there’s more habitat in really backward backwoods places for large critters to roam in. On second thoughts, not sure a pug puppy would be safe out with a cougar anywhere near.

@lynnlightfoot: It’s hard out there for a pug in Los Angeles. We got mountain lions, coyotes, black bears, rattlesnakes, Lindsay Lohan.

@lynnlightfoot: I heard coyote pups in early winter making a hullaballoo outside my study. But after that no sign of them. The locals say that the cougar isn’t extinct and here, with hundreds of square miles of forest leading directly to the wilderness of the Adirondacks, it’s hard not to believe that some haven’t managed to hang on.

In other breaking news, narcissi Thalia is putting up shoots through the snow. Last fall’s no-dig magic cardboard bed is still under about 2 ft of frozen snow. But largish patches of grass have appeared causing rejoicing among the dogs. The lilacs are budding as are fruit trees and forsythia. Any night now I’ll walk outside and smell dirt.

@Capt Howdy:

Heh. I do maintenance on this site:

(mostly on the colon reservation tool) and it’s very difficult to discuss with coworkers with a straight face. :)


I have a bad family history for this so I know way more about it than I want to. I had my first when I turned 40 and if I had not I probably wouldnt be here. I am evangelical about it. which puts some people off.

good for you. but I can understand why the colon reservation tool might be in demand for all the wrong reasons.

@al2o3cr: Every time I try to reserve a colon, somebody else has checked it out.


I also like this

Super ColonTM

I think I know that person.


That’s exactly the sort of thing that gets the whole office giggling. That, and sentences like, “will the Super Colon backend be able to handle the load?” ;)

So Emmanuel Kant, Wittgenstein, and Charlie Sheen walk into a bar…

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: …and Kant yells, “Is there a proctologist in the room? Because this asshole is driving me crazy!”

bah-dump! Tip the veal!

/thus tying together multiple post threads

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