Sue Lowden’s Angry Birds

“A month after a process server tracked down Sue Lowden during a Las Vegas deposition, the former Republican front-runner for the 2010 U.S. Senate nomination is claiming in court documents that she can’t pay her campaign debts.” The plaintiffs say the Chickens for Checkups lady is worth between $50 million and $200 million. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, via Political Wire]


She is *never* going to live that chicken business down.

Unrelated: WTF is up with the press photo/sketch of the author in the article? I realize that it’s not *that* unusual to wear an eyepatch, but I suspect most people would try to get away from the “Bond villain” pose in that case…

Would they not take KFC or Popeye’s as payment?

@al2o3cr: Actually, the Review-Journal is the Bond Villain of the web — that’s the crew that sues the shit out of websites for excerpting them. Like we just did. DMCA Notice link in the left menu, y’all.

@nojo: You may want to remove the excess “for” in the next-to-last bullet point:

cropped, reduced, or low-resolution images used for to convey a point

@IanJ: Ah. Yes. I was madly revising boilerplate that night.


Dude, if I’d lost an eye, I would totally play that shit up, too.

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