Ceci n’est pas un Banksy

Making the news in Sandy Eggo — and conveniently timed to the Oscar nomination for the very enjoyable documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” — is this purported Banksy work that turned up on the wall overnight Friday at the Bull Taco shop in Oceanside, north of town.

Banksy himself has yet to authenticate it — apparently there’s a standard procedure for such things — and connoisseurs doubt its authenticity. But that’s what’s amusing about it: One word from the Master is the difference between a Valuable Work of Art, and, y’know, mindless vandalism.

Banksy or Fakesy in Oceanside? [Carlsbad Crawl]

Not a Banksy [Ape Flavored/Flickr]

Photo: Banksy in Oceanside [Hypebeast]


Profiting from street art. Profiting from a photograph of a minor, dead revolutionary (did anyone ask Alberto Korda for rights, btw?). What’s next, Trotsky-branded golf wear?

@ManchuCandidate: I have a brief due today and some work that a younger lawyer did for me over the weekend was not to my liking. Sometimes it’s more efficient just to do the damned thing oneself.

It usually is. I hope you bill some hours for sleep.

Fashion drama!
According to TLo, Natalie Portman chose a Rodarte dress at the last minute over a Dior she was intending and probably supposed to wear as the face of Dior. Could it be because Galliano has been caught on tape making anti-Semetic remarks?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I loved the Rodarte dress she wore.

Should I do a fashionista debriefing thread in the afternoon? If I get done with two things at work I could pull together some photos to do one later today.

@SanFranLefty: It was one of her better choices this awards season but I wasn’t fond of the matchy accessories.

@mellbell: Wow, I think I found the illustration that should go next to “hot mess” in the dictionary.

Jane Lynch and Serena Williams were my favorites on that TLo thread.

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