America’s Heartless Heartland

“Just when abortion rights supporters thought they had beaten a controversial bill they believe would legalize the killing of abortion providers, it has cropped up again [in Nebraska] — this time in a more expansive form that has drawn the concern of law enforcement officials.” Proponents, of course, deny the insinuation. [Mother Jones]


This is what you get for electing asshats, you morons. You want to live in a freaking police state, totally subjugated to the will of christianist pharisees and crypto-fascists, you go right ahead and keep it up. I’ll be out in Cali with my bong and my hot, hot boyfriend, doing teh anal as much as I want.


Wolf’s telling me something exciting is going on in Libya. That’s not making the Stinquemobile oil change go any faster.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Speaking of Cali, it’s cold and rainy in our capital, Excremento (as SFL calls it). Soon, very soon, I will be flying back where a man can have hot anal sex a good bottle of wine and Blue Note jazz whenever he wants.

@Dodgerblue: Local fishwrap backing off the “OMG Snowpocalypse 2011 in Ess Eff” drum they’ve been beating for the past three days. Mid 40s and raining, instead. In other words, winter.

Speaking of heartless assholes in the Heartland:

Gov. Walker’s union-busting, power-plant-selling bill also fucks Medicaid

Quick, let’s all pretend that this Koch-sucker didn’t just lard up the budget repair bill with absolutely every teabagger wet dream at once!

Seriously though, it’s hilarious to see a guy elected by astroturf mobs screaming about “the government should obey the people” invoking the “emergency” to remove all sorts of things from legislative oversight. Hmmm, who else invoked an “emergency” to transfer lots of powers to the executive from the legislature, maybe back in the ’30s? Can’t quite think of the name… ;)

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Midwest: Koch Industries opens second* lobbying office in Madison. Oh, and Chainsaw, I think those no-bid sale/lease contracts of public utilities that Gov. Walleye Walker wants to give them could raise some more sleaze questions.

*first being the Governor’s mansion, naturally.

@SanFranLefty: Wow, it’s getting chilly outside. Sock-wearing chilly.

@FlyingChainSaw: Look what happened to Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. In Japan, these guys would have been national treasures. Here, they get sent to the nuthouse.

@Dodgerblue: To be fair, Charlie Parker was more than a bit unstable. Teh heroin and all. Got a lot of them.

Amazing musician, though.

Today at our political demonstration in loverly downtown Kingston I hardly needed my third overcoat. And the dogs don’t freeze to things when they pee anymore. It’s practically spring.

@redmanlaw: Nice. The piano player on that track was also known for mental problems and burned out early.

@SanFranLefty: The language is clear just there’s been no crime yet.

Still, Governor Kocktopus could be using the outrage provoking death-to-unions provisions as a smokescreen for delivering the real prize to his controllers.

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