Nevada Needs a Leg Up

“Sen. Harry Reid on Tuesday called for ‘an adult conversation’ about prostitution in Nevada, saying it is an impediment to economic development because it discourages businesses from moving here. ‘Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment — not as the last place where prostitution is still legal,’ he said.” [Las Vegas Sun, via Political Wire]


Wait wait wait… did he not see Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Or its distinguished sequel The Whorehouse Goes Public? Which made a lot of fine actrettes behave like sluts just to collect a paycheck. Is he not aware that they were directed/choreographed by Tommy Tune? Who is one of the tallest homosexuals in America? Leg Up? Leg Up??? Bitch, the whorehouse is the best damn thing you got goin for yor sorry ass. And yes I am a proud black woman.

Oh wait He’s Nevada. That’s different, right? My bad. Though. I don’t think we’ve had a musical about Nevada. Like what? Walmart Parkin Lot! I don’t think so. I doubt that Tommy would touch it.

Scarecrow Harry’s as lifeless between his legs as he is between his ears.

@¡Andrew!: @Snorri Haraldsson: Harry and Tommy were born in 1939, fwiw. Harry and his MOT wife have 5 children. It’s impressive that Tommy is 6-6 and a professional dancer; I am 6-4 and a threat to myself and others on the dance floor.

@Dodgerblue: Up till now I’d never thought about Harry’s privates, thank the FSM. But if I had thought about it, I would’ve guessed that a Ken doll’s got more goin’ on downstairs.

@Snorri Haraldsson: Actors are not slutty at all, no suh.

If they outlaw prostitution, where will the newly laid off go? And, can prostitutes even be laid off?

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