Middle West Revolution Spreads to Indiana

“Indiana Democrats are reportedly joining their Wisconsin counterparts in staging an exodus from their state to protest a new union-busting Republican measure. Only two of Indiana’s 40 House Democrats showed up for a session Tuesday morning, precluding Republicans from attaining the votes needed to proceed on motions.” Governor Mitch Daniels calls for Republicans to stand down. [Raw Story, Indianapolis Star]


The governor’s arm is in a sling — clearly the ACORN thugs got to him!

We’re in trouble here. The Democrats in Indiana (think radicals like Evan Bayh and Baron Hill) are mostly to the right of Saint Ronald the Great. The state government is frantic to balance the budget and they don’t much care how. My cousin who’s a judge told me last week the state is cutting off funding for the entire parole system, booting it down to the local governments as a state government money saver.

Nobody knows where the local money will come from, so nobody asks.

@Dave H:
Sounds like the Hoosiers took the plan straight from the Underwear elves of South Park.

1 Cut Taxes for the riches
2 Cut budget and pass costs down to local gubbiments
3 ???
4 Balanced budget!!!

Pro-labor rally at the New Mexico state capitol in Santa Fe today (I was working and could not go).

That’s my neighbor and lefty lawyer drankin’ buddy Helen holding the “Salt of the Earth” sign, btw.


@Dave H: Washington State death panels just kicked 17,000 poors off Basic Health so that they can transition to the glorious afterlife, they’ve jacked up college tuition by about 5,000%–which is like dousing a theater full of people with gasoline, padlocking the exits, then lighting a match in our high-unemployment kleptonomy–and the city and state can no longer screw around with first world conveniences like a functioning road and transit system, all because it’s more important for Paul Allen to buy his 9th vacation home than face a 2% tax increase, which would truly be worse than 100 Holocausts. And we have a Defeatocrat governor and legislature. But I’m not bitter fiddle dee dee.

DEVELOPING HARD: Scotty’s “fireside chat” — his (stolen) words — is on C-SPAN from 1900 Eastern War Time. Should be hilarious.

@chicago bureau:

I’m hoping Zombie FDR shows up to kick Walker’s ass for stealing his title, and for general anti-labor douchebaggery. :)

@chicago bureau:
“The only thing we have to fear is the fear of taxes for the Kochs!”

Walker on now — and locked eyes camera-left. This, of course, compensates for Michelle Bachmann’s camera-right deal a few weeks ago.

Scott Walker is helping children. Just so you know.

He’s still coming with the “modest” tag.

Repeating the threat to layoff folks now.

Yes, yes — Walker’s out of his depth. But he read the talking points reasonably enough. Will the people buy it? Can’t tell; don’t want to hazard a guess.

@chicago bureau: National polls are out, which don’t reveal anything interesting. The only state poll so far is sponsored by the Commie Union Thugs:

Sixty-two percent of respondents to the poll said they view public employees favorably, while just 11% said they had an unfavorable view of the workers whose benefits packages Walker says are breaking the state budget.

Meanwhile, just 39% of respondents had a favorable view of Walker, while 49% had an unfavorable view of the freshman Republican governor. Voters are split on his job performance, with 51% saying they disapprove of the job Walker has done.

Oh, and Jon made fun of Ed Schultz last night. But so do we all.

The Indiana Senate just passed an immigration bill modeled on Arizona’s. In our city we have a Democratic county commissioner who is running as the Republican candidate for mayor. I seriously thought this guy would be the first Democratic Teabag candidate. He pressured the twenty year old student who had already filed to run as the Republican candidate for mayor to quit the race so his teabagger supporters can vote against all signs of activist government in the Democratic primary.

If this isn’t bizarro world it’s getting awfully close.

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