Visionary Website Wins Ikea Ideas Award for Cramming Most Presumptions Into Smallest Space

Sit down. Relax. Now take a deep, deep breath:

How can the stranglehold on humanity’s digital communications be broken? One media studies professor has a revolutionary idea.

We don’t know where to begin. Well, actually, we do, but once we get started, we fear it’ll be five thousand words before we see daylight. And that’s just for the first sentence, never mind the institutionalized horrorshow that is Media Studies.

Our excuse for bringing this to your attention is that it hails from an alternate universe a website that will soon be under the desperately needed firm hand of Megan Carpentier, a veteran journalist whose proud credits apparently don’t include Wonkette, Cynics Party, or getting really pissy about us.

We wish Megan the best in her latest endeavor, and promise not to tell anybody we’ve seen her beaver.

Media futurist: Time to replace the Internet [Raw Story]

Talking Points Memo editor moves to Raw Story [Raw Story]


Raw Story. Home of the inflammatory headline pointing to (usually) nothing.

And though the old design was bad enough, the new design is much much worse.

Isn’t it Charpentier?

@Benedick: Wow, it’s like “Drudge” without the red alarm, or HuffPo without the, um, content.

@peggynooner: Or Stinque without the brains. And it’s mostly AP stories. All it’s lacking is blind items about Jennifer Anniston.

I’d love to know just exactly what proportion of M’s reasons for not mentioning Wonkette (or Cynics Party) is still-festering resentment and how much is believing that her stint at Wonkette adds no luster to her resume.

@lynnlightfoot: Her no longer updated blogspot still mentions Wonkette, but not Cynic’s Party.

Oh and I can see why she got out of radio: she has a voice made for blogging.

0: Ducks :0

@lynnlightfoot: I’m needling. All the credits in the press release are more significant than a website that canned her ass, or a website that no longer exists and only few knew about.

Breaking hard: LA Lakers star and concierge-humper Kobe Bryant will imprint certain body parts in cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood today. Setup took some time because extra real estate was needed.

The sad thing is, you only have to pay $$$ to get your body parts imprinted on the footpath.

I was so peeved when I learned that.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Me too.

@Dodgerblue: So have the Lakers fans recovered from the humiliation of losing to the Cavaliers?

Back on topic, is it just me or does it seem like working more than four months at any one of these blogs is considered being a long-timer?

@SanFranLefty: That was exactly why I don’t watch pro basketball any more until the playoffs. Or imagine paying $150 per ticket plus parking, overpriced beer and bad food to watch a bunch of millionaires play like that. Bring on March Madness!

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