Doubling Down

So we got Democratic senators hiding out somewhere in northern Illinois.  Meanwhile, back at the Capitol… well, I’ll let the Madison altweekly scribe pick up the story, seeing as he wrote the damn thing:

If anyone thought Gov. Scott Walker — in his frantic push to extract unilateral concessions from state employees and break the back of public employee unions throughout the state — could not possibly be more arrogant, they were wrong. Walker took this aspect of his character to a whole new level late this afternoon, in a press conference in his office.

In what he obviously thought was an effort to be diplomatic, Walker said the teeming masses of protesters, who, even as he spoke, packed the Capitol inside and out, had “a right to be heard.” But, he added, they don’t have the right to “drown out” the millions of state residents he claims support his moves.  Walker called on the Democratic members of the state Senate to return to work to do the job “they were elected to do.” Again, he insisted this is what the state’s residents want, overlooking that the Democrats’ decision to not show up for work today was drawing audible cheers from many thousands of people.

I asked if he thought his proposal — which called on the Legislature to act six days after it was introduced — did not amount to ramming things through. He denied it absolutely, and chided me for editorializing.  Walker reiterated that it should have been obvious to everyone what he had in mind before he announced it, saying, “If anyone doesn’t know what’s coming, they’ve been asleep for the last two years.”

It certainly appears, if the activists don’t suddenly get bored with it all, that we could all be on this story for a while.


Walker reiterated that it should have been obvious to everyone what he had in mind before he announced it, saying, “If anyone doesn’t know what’s coming, they’ve been asleep for the last two years.”

Translation: “you fuckers know how GOPers govern. Did you expect me to do anything *besides* give handouts to my buddies and try to bust unions?”

Any idea, outside of MSNBC and alt weeklies, how this is actually playing on the home front? Yes, I know the crowds are post-Vietnam historic, and the Packers are on the side of the Angels — but how’s it really going down?

Wait… wait…

Sisterhood of the Traveling Filibuster.

No wonder I don’t get paid for this.

@nojo: Always hard to tell. The only way you can gauge how bad this will go for Walker and the Republicans, and the Democrats, is what happens in November 2012. From now until then, the public reaction will be gauged by public opinion polling and writers of letters to the editor. Only strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords is a worse basis for a system of government.

The state’s teachers’ union is driving this bus. Word is that teachers spread out here and there across the state forced the schools to close. That sort of thing is always a knife-edge — you risk pissing off a lot of parents who have to scramble for care for their kids while they are at work. Tomorrow could be Day No. 3 for teacher sick-outs. The good news, though, is that next week (I think) is the winter-break, which might take the heat off of them. But there is absolutely no way the teachers can close schools for weeks without taking some massive, unbearable heat.

Look: there are those who are pro-union, and those who are anti-union (and particularly towards public employee unions). Those in the middle are in for a soundbite war — Walker’s “public employee unions have to sacrifice something, JUST LIKE YOU” versus the unions’ “these people are your neighbors and deserve fair treatment.” If I had to guess, the middle-run on this thing tilts heavily for the Walkerites. You combine the you-have-it-tough-and-the-unions-don’t line with the Senators whose hiding — almost by definition — has a built-in aura of cowardice? It could turn on a dime, and go against Labor in a hurry. Republicans are good at winning soundbite wars.

@nojo: I almost tagged this post “Rennet Revolution.” So it’s not only you.

@chicago bureau: I think that Madison is the only place in the U.S. that regularly uses the word “isthmus” in conversations.

My head is hurting from all of the insanity in the news. We haven’t even talked about Bahrain, either.

On a happier note of Stinque-Ups, guess who had coffee with Flying Chainsaw this afternoon? Obama was also in town – coincidence? I think not….and where is Donald Fagen?

Is it just me, or does Scott Walker look like Rick Santorum’s little brother?

@SanFranLefty: Yeah. But his left eye is placed slightly — millimeters, really — higher than his right eye.

And thus, Scott Walker is kinda funny lookin’. Yah.

@chicago bureau: I mean, he’s not quite a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is the side effect of ass-fucking, but he’s rocking that Santorum vibe. The wonky eye thing reminds me of Shannon Doherty.

/all str8 men on Stinquer run off to the Googlez to figure out that reference…

Well, I tried, but Ed Schultz is worse than a local sports-booster show.

@nojo: He’s broadcasting from a traffic circle at the head of State Street. The traffic circle is about the size of a pitcher’s mound. I have this urge to drive up to Madison and walk to the circle, look into the field and tap my left arm repeatedly. There’s gotta be somebody left in the bullpen.

BTW: Fred Risser (being interviewed by Ed from a safehouse) is a rocking state legislator. Older than dirt, yes, but the man is a cool dude.

Ed Schultz is getting dangerously close to becoming the Left’s Glenn Beck, meanwhile. The shtick is officially getting old, quickly.

@chicago bureau: Solidarity with the People and all, but all that well-intentioned cheerleading doesn’t help me become an Informed Advocate. Even Rachel’s been off the rails about it.

@chicago bureau: Ed Schultz is getting dangerously close to becoming the Left’s Glenn Beck…

You’re being generous. Ed Schultz had The Crazy back when Rick Sanchez was still waiting to be tazed.

I have an old friend who teaches in the Madison SD. I’ll have to write her and see what’s up.

@Nabisco: DEVELOPING HARD — I got yer update RIGHT HERE — Madison schools are closed again. That’s three days running. And they get three more days after that — with Washington’s Birthday on Monday. We’ll see where this is on Monday night, and where the parents’ patience is.

@nojo: He did his ropeline and gave everybody a Howard Dean Fistpump at the end.

All that and more, later on The Tubthumping Hour!

@Nabisco: Yeah, Ed Schultz was nuts before. But he was nuts in obscurity. Three or four more days of this and he may go supernova.

To answer a question about how this is playing Out There — the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee, which is usually pretty even-handed, is not down with the Dems’ run for the border, calling it a “snit” and leading with: “Democrats in the state Senate threw a temper tantrum Thursday – essentially they took their ball and went home.”

The right-leaning Wisconsin State Journal, on the doorsteps of Madison residents tomorrow morning, said this morning that Walker is going at a dangerous speed. Maybe that get right back on the horse and jam the Dems for splitting — nothing on the website tonight, though.

TJ/Er. So like, RML suggested that I enter a contest for some deth meddle tickets, and I kinda won, so, um, what do I wear tomorrow night?

@chicago bureau: And are the local editorialists respected or influential? The (reasonably liberal) R-G in Eugene could be on one side of an issue or another, and nobody would give a shit. Except the UO administration, of course.

@JNOV: Congratulations. On the tickets and on stumping me with a fashion question.

@Mistress Cynica: Ha! The messed up thing is that train stations no longer have lockers. I don’t know what Imma do with my schtuffs, work clothes, etc. I’m going to get off the train 20 minutes before the concert starts. Surprisingly, none of my friends seems to want to go! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

@nojo: Kind of a barometer. The ed board of the W$J in Madison can be a sign that you’re losing old-school Republicans if they abandon the GOP — they are a standard bearer for the right, but not of one mind. The Journal-Sentinel is about as even-steven as they come.

Gauging public opinion — of people who are not screaming at the top of their lungs — is impossible. The editorial boards are the best we are going to do for a while.

@JNOV: Wear black, like MellBell suggested. w/r/t WTF to do with your sheeeyut, could you park your car by the train station in the AM, go to work, come back and dump your shit in the trunk, and go to the head-banger’s ball?

Man, nobody must have entered if you won with one day’s notice.

/ducks RML hurling shit

@SanFranLefty: *ahem*

Old school: black t-shirt or hoodie, jeans. Faded camo pants or long shorts for the Slayer/Dimebag Darrell look. Sturdy, comfy shoes for standing (no seats) with an aggressive tread, like construction boots or the old combat boots. No purse or handbag. Travel light, don’t carry something you might set down and leave behind.

I’d recommend standing in back and taking in the scene. It’ll be loud as fuck with pummeling drums and guitars and “errrrcookiemonsterscarysatanguybloodvomit” vocals. Deicide is a way OG death metal band, having helped invent the genre in Florida back in the 80s, so there may be some older metal chix and dudes there. I have not gotten a chance to see them.

Here’s a video of Deicide singer Glen Benton taking questions from the audience at a gig.

Deicide, When Satan Rules His Earth

/listening to some deth meddle now and sipping a Sammy Adams, having spent the evening packing for a ski trip to Colorado tomorrow.

@mellbell: All my black is nice like. :-(

@SanFranLefty: I wonder about that, too. I win tickets to contests whenever I enter, even to see the Stone on their *cough* 198whatever FAREWELL tour. Bizarre. Basically, I’m like, “GIMME THE TIX YOU FUCKERS!” and somehow I win. Car will be nowhere near the station. :-( And concert is near the Greyhoud station. Will I live? Fuck it.

@redmanlaw: Going with an orange Fender shirt, the fadedest jeans I gots, and sneakers. All my hoodies (two) have some sort tree branding on them. I don’t want a beat down. I’m just gonna hang outside, drink beerz and smoke. THANK YOU, RML! Gotta go hop the train. Ugh.

ACK! Why is the fucking conductor sitting next to me and staring at me? I don’t like it!

Oh, and imma do like Lefty and RML suggest: Gonna throw shit in my car, catch regional rail into city. Rock out. Will spend most of concert outside drankin’ and smoking. For the eardrums such as.

@RML: Thank you for turning me onto this! I think it’s gonna be a damned good time!

before we all stick our heads out the window and scream how mad as hell we are, let’s look at more pupppeeeehhz!!!! this time, the UGLIEST dogs.
all dogs are beautiful. a lot more than you can say about republicans people.

sorry i missed your call last night! was watching the tv, a channel the rat wanted to see. it goes to commercial with this teaser for the next segment: “sarah palin talks about her plans to run in 2012 and takes a swipe at michelle obama” i swear to you, at that exact moment, i literally went unconscious.

um….mebbe cuz you’re purdy????

@JNOV: Looking fwd to reading your comments tonight as I settle in at my room in Pagosa Springs, Colorado to spend the weekend skiing at Wolf Creek with Son of RML.

GODDAMNIT! I missed the fucking train!

@baked: no, the conductor is a creep. He had The Creep Stare. He gave me his # last week. Hmmmmmm. I haven’t called him. I’m working on 4 hours of sleep, and this morning at 5 whatthefuckam, he asks if he can sit next to me where all my shit is. I’m like, I’m about to stretch out and go to sleep. He says he’ll only sit there till the next stop. I move my shit, and I’m like, of he were any closer, he’d be on my fucking lap. And then he just STARES AT ME.

Freak: how are you?
Me: tired
Freak: STARE
Freak: how are you?
Me: tired

Forgive me, RML. I’m not gonna make it. Called the box office and begged them to give my tix to some kids. They wouldn’t. Bummer.

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