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Bristol Palin’s memoir will hit bookstores on June 21.

Last week in the NYT Book Review, Neil Genzlinger wrote of memoirs:

There was a time when you had to earn the right to draft a memoir, by accomplishing something noteworthy or having an extremely unusual experience or being such a brilliant writer that you could turn relatively ordinary occur­rences into a snapshot of a broader historical moment. Anyone who didn’t fit one of those categories was obliged to keep quiet. Unremarkable lives went unremarked upon, the way God intended.

Apparently some things are genetic.

[Politico: A Bristol Palin memoir?]

“Like,Um, uh, okay Like?” The Bristol Palin Story.

” . . . his Johnson was as long as his arm . . . ”
/shameless joke recycling

There was a time when you had to earn the right to draft a memoir

must have been pre Justin Bieber

@Capt Howdy: Yeah but he’s cute and bright and looks like he might be talented. She’s Kim Kardashian without the class, taste, or glamor.

Plus, can the diet book be far behind? The Sarah’s fave recipes? Then Todd’s wilderness guide?

Does it bother anyone else that the apostrophe in this article’s image is upside-down?

@IanJ: Upside-down and backwards. Just like the Palins.

@IanJ: Yes, it bugged me when I first looked at it. (Search google images for “self absorbed mirror” and it comes up).

But then I had an epiphany like TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ points out – because any book she writes would likely be rife with grammatical mistakes, so it seems totally appropriate to have the backwards upside-down apostrophe.

I was waiting to see who would notice it first.


Any book she writes will probably be set in Comic Sans. :)

I want details. I mean deep, dark, dirty details. Otherwise it’s a rip-off.

@texrednface: Surely those Frisky Teens made a video at some point.

@al2o3cr: Old English Text MT all caps because it’s gangsta.

@nojo: If they had, it’d already be posted on MySpace.

@redmanlaw and al2o3cr: Oh, don’t start our monthly font conversation!

@nojo: Perhaps she’ll retell that funny family story about the first time she brought Levi home for dinner and when she reached under the table to grope him she felt her mother’s hand. Ha-ha, teh good times!

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