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So apparently somebody who sells expensive things we have no interest in buying posted a Naughty Tweet about Egypt the other day, which angered many people, causing him (or it, or the Assistant Director for Social Media) to apologize and delete the message.

In case you missed it, an enterprising freelance publicist attached a handsome representation of the tweet to the window of the proprietor’s San Francisco retailarium early Friday morning. And to think, we had to make do with cheap photocopies during our guerilla-satirist days.

Stay Classy, Kenneth Cole [Coilhouse, via Boing Boing]

Delightful Aftermath Photo [davitydave/Flickr]


This reminds me, I watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop” the other night. Two thumbs up.

The part that really outraged San Franciscans was when the clerk scraped it off the window and left the scraps of the sign on the sidewalk.

I guess I’ll continue my boycott of this store I never heard of till now.

BTW, is their new spring collection worth overthrowing a dicktatorship for?

@SanFranLefty: Ooh, but those are some kicky boots she’s wearing. Are they Kenneth Cole?

@ManchuCandidate: Yes.

BTW. Kucinich, Elf King of Mindrash, has requested a meeting with Bradley Manning. God bless him. Manning’s torture is funded by our tax dolours.

And re K Cole, I could really go for some sand dabs at Sausalito right now.

I guess this is a sign the recession is coming to an end if people have the time and the discretionary income to make a fancy decal of a tweet.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I know right? Don’t waste time with the spray paint. Bitches gettin’ fancy!

I am conflicted. I have always found Kenneth Cole’s advertising edgy in a pleasing way, and he has done a ton of awareness, fundraising and advocacy around AIDS and LGBT issues, as well as other social issues. That the company is also capable of being this tone deaf is sort of astounding. Oh, plus I really, REALLY like shoes.

How do you know things are calm in Egypt? When Al Jazeera covers golf.

Hi from Dulles Airport. It’s rainy and cold but not snowing. Going home for the Superbowl, then out crusading against King Coal.

@homofascist: I think we can all be forgiven the odd late-night lapse avec le Tweet machine. Especially if the shoes are good.

@nojo: All the various names of the UK explained. Funny. Except they are apes, not monkeys, and it’s pronounced Neevis not Nehvis. I did not realize that She Who Must Be Obeyed is technically one of my people.

@Benedick: Shorter UK: They’re all Wankers.

I have been chatting with an Egyptian guy I used to play suicide with, and his opinion is that the demonstrators are a bunch of troublemakers and Al Jazeera is making Egypt look bad.

Surprising, but only a little.

@Benedick: I need a drink after watching that.

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