Shocking Anti-Semitism From Alt Weekly

So this small alternative paper, the WashingtonCity paper, runs a story by sports writer Dave McKenna. It’s all about how awful a person Redskins team owner Dan Snyder really is. Apparently he’s all into defiling federally protected lands, telemarketing, charging fans admission for team workouts, hiring bad people, firing good people, pitching certain kinds of tickets to lobbysists as a way of skirting congressional gift limits, etc. etc. etc.

It was all good and well, until the Washington City paper decided to hire illustrator Brooke Hatfield to create an illustration for the article. And Hatfield went waaaay overboard, creating a representation of the Jewish Snyder so over-the-top and blatant in its use of anti-semitic imagery that Snyder is threatening to sue and has enlisted the help of the Simon Weisenthal center, which is itself demanding an apology from the newpaper, insisting that:

…it is inappropriate and unacceptable when a symbol like this–associated with virulent anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages, deployed by the genocidal Nazi regime, by Soviet propagandists and even in 2011 by those who still seek to demonize Jews today–is used on the front cover of a publication in our Nation’s Capital against a member of the Jewish community.

Because the image in question is so objectionable, so virulently hateful, so outrageously out of bounds, dear Stinquer, I have deliberately chosen to hide it from casual view beyond the break. Click the link to see the rest of this article, as well as the gruesome defamatory pap that passes for “illustration” these days:

OK, suffice it to say that not everyone thinks the Simon Wiesenthal center made the right call on this one:

So, to be clear: WCP at most implicitly trafficked in anti-Semitic tropes—a breathtakingly dumb allegation, but that is the Center’s allegation; the Center, by contrast, explicitly—not allegedly, but indisputably—associated a small alternative newspaper with “the genocidal Nazi regime.” Nice.

You think?

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I wonder how much Dan Snyder or fans of the Redskins rivals (who are enjoying the demise) paid the Wiesenthal Center to say it.

Isn’t he one of the worst owners of sport, ever? From what I know, that’s pretty much what the fans think of Dan who makes the early days of George Steinbrenner look charming and pleasant.

That’s anti-Semitic? He doesn’t even look MOT. You want a Jew with a big nose, find a picture of my wife’s Uncle Sid, now there was a real Yid.

@ManchuCandidate: last night on nfl today on showtime, the super bowl episode was dominated by jerry jones talking for half the show about that monstrosity he built (if anyone knows how much public money was involved, please respond). jones ruined the show. that fucker is selling standing room only tickets and temporary seats installed behind obstacles that prevent a view of the field for $600 and the shows crew thanked him for that. that vain fuck even told us what a big man he was for finally getting over the fact that the cowboys wouldn’t be there sunday and he was at peace with himself enjoying all the enjoyment others would have at his edifice watching other teams play. i’ll wager the pharaoahs weren’t half as vain about their pyramids and hitler didn’t gloat half as much over the nuremberg stadium or his germania models after dosing up on his cocaine eyedrops.

Is that really the illustration that A) someone sued over, and B) even more outrageously, someone was PAID to create? I must not be up on my anti-Semitic tropes. I thought the “illustrator”–who could be any bored third grader in the land–just drew on the facial hair and horns to make him look like Satan.

@Mistress Cynica:

That’s my reaction too – somebody PAID for this garbage? That sounds like more of a scandal.

Now these guys might have had more of a case, but I don’t recall hearing anything further about that…

tj/I really wanted to rent “Whiteout” and watch Kate Beckinsale rock out with her Glock out with our current situation here, but the reviews are so bad I can’t bear to part with the rental fee.

@Mistress Cynica: I don’t understand how this is anti-Semitic. Most of the movie posters and Verizon ads in the BART station are defaced like this.

@jwmcsame: That fucking monstrosity. Arlington, TX, has no public transit, no buses, nothing. You know why? Because the city is pouring so much money into subsidizing that egomaniac’s monstrosity. Friend of mine saw the UT-OU game there and said it was a terrible place for football because that ginormous Jumbotron blocks most of the field, is flickering on a frenetic pace rivaling Japanese anime for ability to induce seizures, and during timeouts is broadcasting commercials at ear-shattering levels.

@SanFranLefty: A buddy of mine who works with NFL management says that they are concerned about declining attendance in stadiums because the TV experience has become so good. What he didn’t say is the explanation you just gave. Who needs that crap?

I’m proud to say I got named COTD over on Gawker for my rage-filled snark on this very topic.

(Can’t recall if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m now calling myself scouts honor over there since my Bionic handle was killed off a couple of years ago.)

@ManchuCandidate: Snyder is a dick because, among other things, he elected to sue people that had signed up for season tickets just before the financial crisis hit. As far as I know, no other team took that step.

I used to read the City Paper – it was great for meeting women during law school.

@nojo: you need Perez Hilton if you want photoshopped jizz.

@blogenfreude: I remember that. He sued a little old lady for failing to pay the balance of her tickets even though he resold them and basically lost nothing.

I think we have an early frontrunner for Douchebag of the Year – Sport edition, and he’s gonna be tough to beat.

Speaking of the NFL. Apparently they might be doing an NHL and pushing a lockout. Why? Apparently, their former CFO was a Goldman Sacker who said that the owners could make more by squashing the shit out of the players (ie: lower salaries) which intrigued publicly cash strapped (privately raking it in) blowhards like Jerry Jones.

@ManchuCandidate: Yeah, there is a lot of talk about a lockout. Billionaires having a hissyfit.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
Are you going to be a US America citizen for much longer?

Az’s crazy is melting with stupid to produce levels of batshit that put the old South to shame.

@Dodgerblue: And FedEx Field is awful – I’ve seen some games there. Everything is overpriced, it’s in the middle of fucking nowhere, and there aren’t enough bathrooms.

Oh – and for a while, Snyder forbade tailgating.

And seriously – I wonder if the idiot that photoshopped that picture even knew 1) Snyder was Jewish or 2) that horns and Jews have a specific history.

@blogenfreude: Funny, I’m in DC right now (hi, Mellbell). My DC football buddies hate FedEx field.

It’s horrid pile of concrete – Jack Kent Cooke punished DC for asking him to (shudder) pay to replace RFK. What an assclown.

@Dodgerblue: And I bet they hate their team, as well. During my brief stints in the DC area, I’m amazed at how Sport-crazed the ‘skins fans are for such a bunch of sad sacks (who can’t even sack).

As for FedEx, I saw a Stillers-Skins pre-season a coupla years back, and it was cheap and we were able to sit really close to the field. My kids learned an appreciation for how freakishly large pro ballers really are.

At least one live game a year is an elixir to the “high quality viewing” I can get from my couch. You ain’t experienced Sport until you’ve heard “Renegade” blasting during a home game in the ‘burgh.

@Nabisco: I agree with the really close part. It’s worth buying expensive basketball tickets at least once to sit down low and see how damned tall those guys are, and how quickly they move. I had seats just behind the basket once and saw Moses Malone take on Kareem. Incredible. Moses never stopped moving — it was a constant fight for position and rebounds.

@ManchuCandidate: Ha! Probably not much longer. But I’d love to see them try that. One-quarter of the land in this state is federal land of one sort or another. There’s zero chance the feds just let the teabaggers take it with them.

@Dodgerblue: Bands I’ve been really close to (within four rows): Off the top of my head, Santana, Metallica/Down/The Sword, Don Cherry and Charlie Hayden, In this Moment, Slipknot, Stone Temple Pilots, David Amram (onstage at least twice), Pat Metheny.

@redmanlaw: Ramones, Replacements, Iggy Pop, John Lee Hooker, Guided By Voices, Jonathan Richman, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Billy Bragg, Joe Ely, Husker Du, Steve Earle, David Bromberg, Crosby & Nash, Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets, X, Gang of Four, English Beat, Robyn Hitchcock, Neil Young/Johnny Cash/Merle Haggard (onstage together, friggin amazing)….I’m a front stage whore, and have setlists to prove it.

@Nabisco: Meat Puppets, REM, Joe Ely, Jonathan Richman, TSOL*, Dread Zeppelin; given tour of stage by Judas Priest
* if we were on that bill, we were flyspecks. Mayyybe we might have played two songs at 7 pm for a 9 pm show, but that was a long fucking time ago. Our crap would have been out of the bilding by the time they showed up.

@redmanlaw: I roadied a Southside Johnny show in college, which was cool but odd. Odd because SJ was the best act my little liberal arts college could get, and one of my jobs was to hold a flashlight on the steps so that he didn’t fall on his face climbing on or off the stage.

Joe did (does?) an annual NY Eves show in Austin, and I could have polished the silver tips on his boots, I was so close. Oh, and he sat two seats away from me with his wife and kids at a matinee showing of “The Bear”, 89/90ish.

@Nabisco: @redmanlaw: Blakey at the WOW Hall in Eugene. If you’re not familiar with the WOW Hall, it’s about the size of a community dance floor. Which it was.

@nojo: That’s cool. JL Hooker was at a bar in upstate PA (or southern NY, I forget) that didn’t hold more than 50 people. When he played “Boom, Boom”, the beer pitcher on our table moved.


In college, our school booked The Alarm for the final dance/party/concert whatever thing. My friends and I went and in the lobby of the gymnasium where the show was staged they had set up a table with chips and snacks and the like. So we started filling our plates so we could stuff our faces when this older guy with long blond hair comes up to us and starts chatting. We were like “whatever” and basically (but politely) blew him off. When the concert began we saw the guy again… on stage… singing. Oooops….

My class council also thought it would be an awesome idea to book Meatloaf, figuring they could make money by charging admission to anyone who wasn’t Class of ’91. When the show actually began there were something like 30 people in the gym. The band did play their hearts out, though. Gotta give them credit. It’s my understanding that the Class of ’91 is still trying to pay down its debt.

@Nabisco: Went to an after party with Siouxie and her Banshee.

@redmanlaw: Patti Smith (three times), Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, Gillian Welch, John Lee Hooker, Jethro Tull, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Alejandro Escovedo, Bruce Cockburn, Dar Williams, Lucinda Williams, David Murray, Modern Jazz Quartet, David Crosby. That’s off the top of my head.

Patti Smith is great to see up close, but you might get wet.

Are we just talking college concerts now?

Herbie Hancock at PSU

Tania Maria at RSC. She gives lessons for the rhythmically challenged.

Think I lucked out.

@Walking Still: Patti Smith is great to see up close, but you might get wet.

As is Iggy – but you might get bled on. I was so close I could count the corpuscles.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Cool! I walked past David Byrne on the streets of Zagreb in about 1995 – shorter than I expected.

Oh, I forgot, sat next to The Boss for a half hour, on the next barstool, while he sloppily made out with some chick, bought him a beer.

I believe we have our first StumbleUpon hit, since I can’t (yet) find evidence of this post being linked elsewhere.

@redmanlaw: dread zeppelin huh? cool. my turn now. up against the stage for the kinks in the early eighties. eric clapton, 7th row (too far to brag about?). handed john prine a damn near whole lit joint, he said thanx and walked away with it. spoke to billie joe shaver about waylon, hank sr, robert duvall and the movie “the apostle” the first time i saw him, the second and third times i talked to him he remembered my name and mentioned me when he played “georgia on fast train”
first row for sam kinison and of course as i have mentioned here before the greatest rock and roll band of all time from san diego, The Beat Farmers. Country Dick Montana pulled our table to the front of the stage, put his chair on it, stole my buddies beer, and sang a song.
Another Beat Farmer, Buddy Blue called me on the phone while my friend talked to him at a show in San Diego.
Spoke with James McMurtry (son of Larry who wrote Lonesome Dove) twice (he’s an asshole). The first time he asked me if had any pot. I certainly did, fired one up and he didn’t even say thanx. Asked him if one of his songs characters (uncle slaton) was real and he scoffed and said NO! like that was a real stupid question. maybe it was.
sorry for being such a braggart. but enjoy those tunes.

@Walking Still: alejandro escovedo is a bad mother fucker. check him out talking about w the shoe dodger and jamming.

I go to shows quite a bit, but no good stories (yet). I do like getting there early, though, both to catch all of the opening bands’ sets and to see if the headliner(s) have quietly snuck into the crowd.

Drinking and eating backstage with Judas Priest at a press preview in Albuquerque for an upcoming world tour while I was a college reporter is probably my rock star highlight. Long chat with the dude from the Hothouse Flowers who was at a David Amram show I was at and also played at. Picture taken with Professor Longhair. Hung out on the bus for an interview with Los Lobos. (Add them to the 4th row and closer list).

Mrs RML has better stories than I do, including a death threat from a Ted Nugent fan for a bad review and being hit on by a member of the Moody Blues.

@redmanlaw: Got to hang out back stage at the Fillmore with Blondie and The Negro Problem, followed by greasy spoon dinner at 2:00 am. A good time was had by all.

@jwmcsame: A friend’s description Alejandro Escovedo: the equivalent to what would have happened if Keith Richard got his wish and Gram Parsons had joined the Stones.

@redmanlaw: cool. I hear Los Lobos plays a lot of covers as encores and are damn good at it. turd nugget and his fans are the biggest losers to slink around this planet. unfortunately, i still can’t bring myself to flush the turd nugget album with stranglehold from my collection. There used to be (maybe still is) a youtube clip of a fairly muscled up non-fan of turd nugget menacingly confronting him about his idle threats towards liberals at an autograph signing. turds reaction was of course to immediately call a cop and not defend himself or his psychotic lunatic alleged ideas and threats or do what he says he would do in such a situation. but that’s not surprising, huh?. i’m looking for that now, if i find it in the future, i’ll post it on whatever thread we happen to be on at the time.

@Walking Still: apt description. ever hear the story about when gp was opening for the stones and partying with keith before hand? as with all mortals trying to party up to keith standards, gp got too fucked to go on stage and didn’t want to play. keith gave him a tongue lashing about how stars are nothing without their fans and made him get out there and play. gp was amazing. check out the tribute disc emmy lou put together with whiskeytown, lucinda williams and others
there is another tribute dvd made in vegas produced by gps daughter with keith singing a song with norah jones. watch keith molest norah on stage during their song. poor girl didn’t know how to deal with it.

Mr. ¡A! and I went to see Blondie on tour at the Showbox in Seattle. It’s a very intimate venue, and we got there four hours early and were right in front of the stage. Debbie Harry was about three feet away from me during an incredible three hour show. At one point, we held out our hands and she SHE TOUCHED US. It was the first time I really felt the whole ‘rock-star’ thing–I wanted to just faint I was so enthralled. We did the same thing with Scissor Sisters and Peaches. Truly magical.

@jwmcsame: Lurv me some Alejandro. Bought records from him when he clerked at Waterloo in the 80s. There are some clips of the Troobs on the utubez posted by yours truly. I managed to catch them once live before they broke up. Rank and File was one of the reasons I moved to Austin, and I ate migas next to Javier E at a messican joint in east Austin.
@mellbell: Take me on a run of the live bands in DeeCee sometime? I’ve been to the Black Cat and 9:30, but in my last temporary stays there haven’t been any great shows during the week. I like to be early, and have an uncanny ability to get to the front of the stage.

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