Oh, The Places You Won’t Go!

We are reliably informed that this is called “snow”. Apparently it’s what happens when Chicago prays to the wrong gods.

City says motorists shouldn’t have taken the Drive [Chicago Tribune, via Blogenfreude]

And the governor just signed the Civil Union bill Monday. Pat Robertson does not find this to be a coincidence.

I also just found out one of my friends was stuck on one of those buses from 6:00 pm – 4:00 am. His successive Facebook statuses are sort of scary to read as the situation deteriorated throughout the night. My car broke down once at almost that exact spot pictured and there isn’t anywhere close by that you can walk to – you have the beach on one side and a huge park on the other.

Sweet FSM, I’m glad ya’ll are OK!

Well, it’s not that bad here but I just got back from a college interview. It’s 42 degrees with 20mph winds and this girl was wearing a cap sleeve t-shirt, paper-thin silk skirt and string sandals. Throughout the interview, I had to fight the urge to yell OMG, PUT ON SOME FUCKING CLOTHES!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: This is like when Gudrun Olafsdottir showed up at the Althing in a halter top and we’re all like woah, girlfriend do not flaunt yo titties in this sacred space and she’s like whatever.

I spent one winter in Wisconsin, and it was not this bad.

@Snorri Haraldsson: I can’t tell you how many times a day I say to someone “woah, girlfriend do not flaunt yo titties in this sacred space”, even when I’m alone in the house.

Dodger arrives in Chicago on Monday and has personally charged me with cleaning up the city before he arrives. I don’t have the heart to tell him that I can’t even be bothered to call and complain to the super that the courtyard of my building hasn’t been shoveled yet.

We’re gonna pack your ass back to Juneau, Buddy.


Honestly, I’m not getting the RAGE in re Lake Shore Drive.

The point is valid: if they closed the Drive, they would have had to move four lanes of rush hour traffic to the surface streets. The pile up would have been on Clark Street. And Lincoln Avenue. And Halsted Street (ok, ok, there’s a pile up on Halsted every night, but those are more fun usually.) If there was an emergency on any of those streets, no fire trucks / cops / EMTs would get through. That would have been a horrorshow.

But also, the blizzard was more publicized than the Super Bowl. Anybody driving on Tuesday was in “at your own risk” territory.

Anyone wanna buy Lake Michigan? Just a dollar!

(he said, in abnormally-warm northern California….)

@metasonix: Only if they scoop out all the dead fish first…

jesus christ on a sled, i’m flying into this mess on saturday. start the pool on who is stuck in an airport for 3 days, me or dodger.
isn’t there another storm hitting the tri-state today? oh good.
just bothered to look it up–snow smacks philly and new york on saturday! again! just to spite me for living in the caribbean… %#@!!&*
just like the expats, i’m getting on a plane with no idea where it will land. where’s my god now? he parted the red sea and hasn’t been seen since.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
you bring to mind an amusing true tale that gives great insight to how i think. i was seeing someone for a while, let’s call him billy, because that’s his name. i thought we were exclusive, silly me. i popped by his house one snowy night unannounced, the very next night after i had been there.
i see a strange car in the driveway, thought nothing of it. i knocked on the door and peered through the window. to my shock, i saw a pair of strappy sandals on the living room floor. my first thought was NOT o my god, he’s cheating on me! but rather, what kind of moron wears shoes like that in the snow? he came to the door wearing ONLY a long shirt, and opened the door! it got very ugly when i trounced into the bedroom and asked her, “what kind of an idiot are you wearing shoes like that?”
then it kinda got really ugly and to this day people wonder why in the world he opened the door……

I am about a hour south of chicago.
we got about a foot of snow. hard to tell because it was so blown and drifted. for example. I could not open either my front or back door. fortunately I was able to go out thru the garage and excavate the doors. but even tho they were buried the driveway and walk mostly had about an inch or two.

so it sort of balanced out.

now it subzero and it has turned into granite. so if you have not cleared the walk by now is you aint clearing it without dynamite.


Envy us.

I’m allowed to wear a t-shirt and drawers, right?

ADD: Oh, and I gotta be sober enough to go meet dude at 10 AM on Sunday. You’re the boss of me now.

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