Egypt Unplugged

In what seems to be a first for the Internet Age — including Iran — Egypt has disconnected itself from the planet:

Confirming what a few have reported this evening: in an action unprecedented in Internet history, the Egyptian government appears to have ordered service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet. Critical European-Asian fiber-optic routes through Egypt appear to be unaffected for now. But every Egyptian provider, every business, bank, Internet cafe, website, school, embassy, and government office that relied on the big four Egyptian ISPs for their Internet connectivity is now cut off from the rest of the world.

Our old tabloid colleague Curt Hopkins asks whether other international communications will be cut as well:

That depends, I think, on whether the idea now is to disrupt communications between groups of protesters or to lay a blackout curtain across Egypt to mask a total crackdown. As many as eight protesters, three in Cairo and five in Suez, have been killed, along with one policeman. I think if landlines and mobile go, the question must become, is the Egyptian government planning a wholesale massacre?

Major protests are planned following noon prayers. This could get very, very nasty.

Egypt Leaves the Internet [Renesys]

Complete Internet Blackout in Egypt [ReadWriteWeb]

Photo: Helmet stolen from riot police, Tahrir Squire, Jan. 25 [Nora Shalaby/Flickr]


Bad deal. I’m still following a couple Iranian voting activists on Twitter who are also providing updates on Tunisia, updates usually in English. Can Egypt shut town all cell phone access? Iran couldn’t. ::shrug:: I know nothing of these things.

And just for reference, we’re about 90 minutes away from noon prayers. Whatever happens, I won’t be awake until it’s over…

@nojo: Nothing new from AP as of this writing. I don’t think this will end well.

@Dodgerblue: Agree. Not a fan of the duplicitous Muslim Brotherhood, either.

Believe it or not, Anonymous might be Egypt’s best bet for getting out info:

Twittage from 15 minutes ago: NOUR DSL IS STILL WORKING IN EGYPT USING DIAL UP 0777 7776 or 07777 666 Share with every one asap #Egypt #25Jan

@bencnn benwedeman
Will be extremely difficult to relay news from the field. No freedom of press to cover NO freedom of expression and assembly. #Jan25 #Egypt

Edwin Setiadi
“Egyptian Christians said they will guard the Muslims from the police while they on Friday Pray.” Amazing solidarity. #Egypt #Jan25

Wikileaks releases Mubarak cable dated 7/28/09. Details arrests of bloggers and other censorship.


SultanAlQassemi Sultan Al Qassemi
Al Arabiya breaking: Egyptian authorities shut down mosques at Tahrir Square to prevent protests. Now using water canons against protestors

tamerzikry tamerzikry
by _YasserAhmed
@SamIDaouD just called me from his downtown home, he can hear gun shots.

Okay. I’m going to LALALALALALALALA for awhile.

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