Yes, Congress is Just Like High School

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) invited Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to sit next to him at the State of the Union address — but the former House Speaker says she’s already committed.” [The Hill]


Is the state of our union STRONG? I know I’m breathlessly waiting to find out.

To which Wall Street shit-for-brains will Obama hand over power next in the futile hope of reducing teabag death threats by 0.0025%? Oh, the SUSPENSE! The TENSION!

@¡Andrew!: Is the state of our union STRONG?

Don’t make me stand yet. It’s not time!

I said this elsewhere, but it’s too late in the day to be original so …

If Eric still needs a date to the prom, he should hook up with Reps. Paul Gosar and Elijah Cummings. Together they Can Cum & Go.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Silent Creative Partner likes the comedy singing duo of Chris Hardwick & Mike Phirman — or, as they’re known to their fans, Hard & Phirm.

Republicans are such suckers.
They fall for this lunacy every time.
You can always count on GOPers to be easily herded around by the Dems.
To me, it is obvious. The Won and his handlers are ever concerned about their PUBLIC IMAGE.
The GOPers are ever concerned about being PC.
The sight of a vast array of congress people sitting silent, immune to Won’s charms, and even looking critical, will not play well on national TV.
Hmmmm, how to solve this problem? I know! Let’s invite gullible GOPers to be “civil” and disperse throughout the chambers! This will diffuse any visual impact that the chose Won is not, after al, all powerful and in total control of our government.
Nice job suckers! Makes me wonder why I bother voting and contributing to your campaigns at all.

Shit. I think he’s on to them.

Sorry for being absentee lately. Real Life has been a demanding bitch lately. Psychometer updates coming, be assured. Minnesota Nasty should figure prominently, if I have my guess.

@chicago bureau: Minnesota Nasty sounds like some sort of sexual act that a kid at Urban Dictionary created. /end 12 year old boy

Don’t feel bad for not being around — I’ve been doing that all the time. Sometimes I just don’t have something to say.

But I do have something now to say — frankly, I do not give a flying shit in Gary Busey’s ear whether or not the boys and girls in Congress can intermingle, sit still and play nice with each other. This is not going to stop some diehard Teahadist from getting the brilliant idea of being a hero and taking a shot at someone. As long as the filth and bile flow from Fox News, Limbaugh, et. al., nothing is going to change. Nothing

Questions that could only get asked at a comic-book site:

Johnny’s the one member of the Fantastic Four not to die or take an extended leave of absence before. How influenced were you by book history when you made the decision that his character would die, and how much of it was simply the momentum of the story you were telling?

Will there be a moment of silence tonight for Johnny Storm?

Text of the SOTU as prepared for delivery, via CNN:

@nojo: I read that one of the FF would die this year. No one ever stays dead in comic books, however.

WTF is up with Hillary’s hair? Awkwardly growing out a bad cut? Complete lack of styling products? It’s the “before” picture in a “Do you have thin, limp hair?” hair product ad.

It’s worse now than my high school ever was. What could be worse than that, I ask you? Here it is. I grew up in northern Indiana in the nineteen fifties (born in 1942), half a block from the train station. I have been very lucky (here’s a short st0ry, if only I could contain myself, but I cannot = This is America after all). Too befuddled to go on.

@lynnlightfoot: Hey. Lemme know if you want to talk. JNOV[no space]Jezebel[at]gmail

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