Gay Wilkinson, World Champion Anvil Shooter

You know you’re an American when you take an unhealthy delight in blowing shit up.

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re you know you’re an american…

i read this simple little post on FB this morning and it made me want to sing God Bless America for chissakes. we piss and moan, but as they say at the Friars Club, “we only roast the ones we love”

” a white catholic republican judge gets killed going to greet a jewish democratic congresswoman whose life was saved by a mexican american gay college student and a korean american combat surgeon. the dead were eulogized by our african american president…THIS is america.”

When I was a kid, I had a friend whose older brother would go down to Tijuana and bring back M-80s, firecrackers and switchblade knives. He was very popular.

You all won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve already come across that video on my own, would you?

The powder used was probably Goex, which is used in black powder rifles. You can pick it up at gun shops.

Here’s a blog on using and making black powder for fireworks:

Not much to do in a lot of places:

My fascination with things that blew up ended in my teen years for two reasons:
1) when the roman candle a friend of mine smuggled from… US America… exploded causing all of us to hit the dirt
2) when the molotov cocktail someone made from a 2L glass coke bottle exploded and nearly burned us out of our “bunker.” One guy (some what fitting as he was the guy who made it) lost his eyebrows in the process.

Being the fat kid (at the time) I knew that my odds of surviving diminished because I was slow and a bigger target.

tj /back to pissing and moaning

is anyone alarmed, confused, disgusted that DC unfurled, and hoisted the flapping flag of a terrorist non-country on tuesday?
the palestinian flag is flying proudly in our capitol, folks.
can’t wait to see what betsy bin laden is sewing for us.

@baked: You know my rule on this (no opinion offered since I am not a member of a population most affected by an issue), but I will say that if a solution is ever to be found, perhaps it must start with both sides recognizing each other’s right to basic existence. This is why flying that flag doesn’t bother me. We fly the flag of absolutley villianous countries, terrible, repressive dictatorships (in fact, we do buisness with them), and also ” non-countries” like Taiwan.

If you want to debate the Isreali/Palistinian troubles, let’s fire that up. But criticism of flying that flag only serves as a dog whistle for those that share your views, and forces those that might have legitimate issues in support of Palistinians into what amounts to a straw man argument.

I am treading lightly out of my respect and love for you, darling…

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One:
here’a what i’m hoping: if we let them sit at the grown ups table, maybe they’ll act like one. actually, all the israeli’s i know could care less, and more or less, are of that opinion. an analogy i’m hanging on to: i was the worst camper in the history of summer campers. constantly in trouble. so instead of kicking me out of camp, they made me color war captain. i became suzy camper and stopped trying to burn down the mess hall.
so. i realize we fly the flags of all kinds of villains, but shouldn’t we have some standards? like it has to be an actual country or something? especially if they’re villains? and they are..but we can skip that and just pray for peace for everyone. the douchebags that officially don’t recognize israel’s right to exist? i pray for them the most…they don’t want to really find out how very much it does exist. and will do anything, anything to survive, as it must. way beyond anything personal to me, it must. as i love you too…..i’m shutting the fuck up.
until i’m back ranting on the federal reserve, the latest in my scope of scorn.

hey, it’s a country at least. and it gave USA! a second mortgage.
one more thing. palestinians? please stop sending suicide bombers into israel and receive aid instead of airstrikes. kthnxsbai.

@baked: I guess Native Americans got what was coming to them.

@baked: Not really.

ADD: OMG! My edit button is now — magically — working! w00t!


Not much to do in a lot of places:

I have a feeling this sentence explains sooooooo many different noxious U.S. of A. activities… from methamphetamine addiction to membership/participation in Right-wing militias.

Apropos of nothing, Thomas More is an asshole.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
1) your question about native americans was just plain mean, not to mention ill-informed.
2) show us the graph of who started the blood shedding and who retaliated.
3) unless and until you are as knowledgeable about the entire situation as i am, which you are clearly not, i won’t discuss this with you.

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