Let’s Get This Over With.


First! Or something. Or in my case, last, as in last to bed, and dear god do I need it. G’night, Land O’ Stinque.

Oh wait. Math nerds have their moment. And now it’s gone.

What, no list of pithy retorts I can choose from for all my “clever” FB friends who will be posting updates at 11:11? Standards are slipping around here.

“Is that a watch in your pocket or are you sort of uninspired to see me?”

@chicago bureau: Me too. I thought it was a pitch for the latest “Simpsons” pron parody. From what I’ve seen on Denton’s site, Homer’s belly is fake, but Marge’s yellow skin and blue hair are awesome.

@peggynooner: Explaining it instead of burying the gag in the timestamp would have taken out all the fun.

ADD: I guess November’s version should run at 11:11 am, just for variety.

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