Giffords Update

The Huffington Post linked to this informative UK Channel 4 interview with the surgeon who treated Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. I think it’s worth re-posting here to update the Stinque crowd on Giffords’ condition (good considering) and long-term prognosis (too soon to tell).

[ Flash video not available. ]

(VIA: Huffington Post)


On a shallow note, is that Limey news anchor wearing green socks? I like the tie and the purple-light stage set.

No matter how severe the damage to her brain, I don’t think Rep. Giffords could ever sink to the level of the brain-dead Arizona GOP. They include such dim bulbs as state senator Sylvia Allen who claims that trees are “stealing Arizona’s water supply”.

@Dave H: Time for me to read Cadillac Desert again…

That was first on my booklist when I moved south. The Chinatown connection, of course.

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