Richardson Crumbles Under Pat Garrett’s Threat to Take His Case to Fox News


Snark from the local fishwrap*

Second NM Governor Exploits, Betrays Billy the Kid
Outgoing New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson went on national television, Good Morning America to be exact, to announce that he wouldn’t be pardoning Billy the Kid after all. He joined Territorial Gov. Lew Wallace in becoming the second governor to exploit then betray the legendary outlaw.

It should be noted that unlike, say, commercial real-estate magnate Eddie Gilbert, Billy the Kid didn’t donate tens of thousands of dollars to Richardson’s campaigns. (Though in fairness, Gilbert never killed two deputies in daring escape from the Lincoln County Jail either.)

– and in good parson news, the guy who killed my cousin two years ago had his petition for a pardon denied.

*and Mrs RML’s employer

@redmanlaw: You’re suggesting that Gov. Richardson did this for a publicity stunt? We’re shocked.

I don’t understand. Isn’t Bill the Kid dead?

@Benedick: Jim Morrison, too, but he was recently pardoned by Crist for whipping out his dick on stage.

In March 1969, a bearded, drunken Morrison was performing at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami when, during the performance, he allegedly asked the audience, “Do you wanna see my cock?” After the audience of more than 10,000 fans responded, he pulled down his pants and briefly simulated masturbation.

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