Take the Comic Sans Pledge!

Not only is it a great gag, it’s the first website we’ve seen that captures the rhythm of a comic strip.

Comic Sans Criminal [via Daring Fireball]

Arial has long been my font of choice for transcripts. So nice to have scientific justification for that choice!

Are we font geeking again? Tw Ten Mt, people. Clean sans serif with a fifties classroom feel.

@karen marie doesn’t want to know: When I think of the deposition and trial transcripts in Courier that I spent years reading and summarizing, my PTSD kicks in.


Flame away.

PS Serifs make reading easier.

I have only one thing to say: Vicodin makes the world a better place.

@Benedick: Truly. You okay? Got any extra? I can be there in a few hours…


ETA: We call it “splooge.”

@JNOV: I fell down went boom about a week ago. Was walking the dogs in the state park and fell hard on some ice. Took a few days to start to hurt. Yesterday I did secret mulching before the snow and by 5 I could hardly walk. Went to brand new for-profit ER in the local hospital where you pay the deductible before any treatment is done. The place was empty and I was out with the good stuff before you could say Hydrocod.

This experience naturally made me think what havoc would be caused if there was ice lying about on the west coast. It’s stuff like that makes you think there must be an intelligent designer at work.

@Benedick: Oh, ow! Glad they hooked you up. Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of SoCal drivers like rain. Hail? They pull off the road and wait for the toads and locusts.

@Benedick: @JNOV: I would rather drive on ice in the Midwest than in Los Angeles when it rains. Any. Day.

@Mistress Cynica: In a related vein, I was in Houston working once during a cold snap. At night, the maintenance crews at the big fancy downtown dens of thieves office towers of oil companies still hosed down the sidewalks. So they were inches thick with ice and impossible to walk on.

@Mistress Cynica: Exactly.

Cue: “But it rains so rarely all the roads are slick with engine oil and we’re afeared” retort.

@JNOV: Chainsaw has carte blanche to desecrate my laser kitties.

@Benedick: Oh, we get ice. And by “we”, I mean Those I Abandoned for a Life of Bitching About Occasional Intermittent Rain.

“In a related vein, I was in Houston …”

I’m sorry.

Oh wait, there was more to the story than you were in Houston?

@nojo: I think Chainsaw has a tender heart at the end of the day, and he likes the laser kittehs. It’s the Republicans and Kissinger types that he’d desecrate.

BTW. This cosmic sands site is SPAM.

@SanFranLefty: I’m sorry. I know. I’m OK. It was a long time ago. I stayed in the motel.

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