When Chyrons Attack!

Best guess on the Interwebs is that somebody at Fox News had too much eggnog and confused “Nobel Prize Winner” with “Holocaust Survivor”.

[via Young Manhattanite]

We need better news. I’m tired of the old news. I want new news. News I can curl up with. News that speaks in deep low rumbly tones that make me feel safe – among other things. News I can use. News I can love. Not the crap that floods the TV every time I work up the nerve to turn it on.

BTW. How adorable is the new Jeopardy champion? (I don’t watch it but the dogs are big fans) NYRB blog linked today to his book blog! How cute is that? He even makes self-deprecating jokes about how boring he is (not while I have a portable wrestling mat and a Mastercard with zero balance in my wallet, he’s not). Anyhoo. Just sharing.

@Benedick: He was the only one to correctly get Somerset Maugham (spelled correctly, too!) for the Final Jeopardy answer on Monday.

/Watching at the gym during half-time of MNF, but I normally don’t watch Jeopardy at the gym or in public because I start yelling out the answers.

@Benedick: Did he beat the computer? Or has that been broadcast yet?

And if you have no fucking clue what I’m talking about, you’ll have to Google it. I’m doing chores.

@nojo: No he’s not that one. He’s the adorable new one who is just making his way towards a million.

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