Season’s Greetings from Your Secular Humanist Friends at Fox News

Is Fox defecting on the “War on Christmas”? [Media Matters]

Happy Holidays? Hate on baby Jesus much? Why not just go ahead and say what you really mean, Fox news: “Happy fornicate with a succubus day!”

As for me and my family, we will follow the LORD. 700 Club only at our house from now on! No more CINO (Christian In Name Only) FOX NEWS turncoats!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

@Serolf Divad: I’m sorry, succubus fornicating? Why was I not informed? I would have been in a considerably better holiday mood.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks for reminding me to make my pilgrimage to the Festivus Pole at 18th and Columbia this year.

lefty…i came here just now specifically to report that!
i stole it from RML’s FB page.

@baked: Well, I stoled it from Lefty, so there you go.

Client who owed me for a lot of fucking work paid up today. I was thinking I’d never see that hunk of change. We’re talking about maybe 1/8 of my income this year.

@redmanlaw: He needed to claim it as an expense in 2010? Nice work.

@Benedick: I got one for my birthday. Woo hoo!

Is it just me, or has Facebook gone tits-up?

@Dodgerblue: Working again from here. Very odd — for a moment it was shooting blanks.

@nojo: I saw that too. I figure Zuckerberg was just testing his World Domination Button again in honor of being named Time’s Person of the Year.

@nojo: It was gone for a while.

Not getting much work done. The shoulder I wrecked last winter in a ski accident is keeping me up at night so I’m a zombie today. Got bags under my eyes like HR Pufenstuf. Going to the doc on Tuesday for a PT referral or to an orthopedic guy. The rebuilt knee has quit going out on me now that I’m staying away from the stair stepper and leg press machine.

@Benedick: Stocked with the new iPhone version of Riven, I hope. They did such a good job with Myst, I couldn’t resist.

@flippin eck:
ever see zuckerberg interviewed? the guy doesn’t blink. no, i mean that literally…he doesn’t blink his eyes. it’s the creepiest thing! i think it’s from extensive video game playing. so much for that being a bad thing….

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