Holbrooke’s Line About Afghanistan? Just Kidding.

“As Dr. Jehan El-Bayoumi was attending to Holbrooke in the emergency room at George Washington University Hospital, she told him to relax and asked what she could do to comfort him, according to an aide who was present. Holbrooke, who was in severe pain, said jokingly that it was hard to relax because he had to worry about the difficult situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” [WaPo, via Weigel]


Do you know what bugs me about this whole “Holbrooke’s Last Words” thing? People who post unsubstantiated rumors like that in the comments sections of Blogs. Shame on them.

Also: ABC and CNN.

I find it more interesting that this doctor and the surgeon are both Arab-American of Central Asian/Middle Eastern descent, given Holbrooke’s current project.

@Dodgerblue: No, and I certainly hope that they’re not being stopped for DWB or DWM.

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